Protect Your Data with Corporate Resilience Services

Don't have time and enough knowledge to protect your company from cyber threats? We'd like to present you with some cybersecurity services to help you identify, investigate, and react to the risks on time regardless of your budget.

Cyber Security Architecture Is Essential

Even if you have some tools which prevent cyberattacks, it doesn't mean that your data or your company's information isn't in danger. Thus, cybersecurity isn't only about some techniques and platforms that deal with cyber risks; it is about maintaining the values of the risks associated with possible violations of availability, integrity, or confidentiality of information. 

A systematic approach is essential in every sphere, and cybersecurity isn't an exception!

Risks of Industrial Cyber Espionage

Every company that operates precious information or something that can benefit hackers is in danger. Insurance companies, government agencies, or any other organization that stores large amounts of user data, like hotels, mobile applications, or online portals, is especially vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Nevertheless, permanent monitoring, control of access, and maximum information isolation will help you resist risks and losses.

Insider Threats

According to the Ponemon Institute's statistics, insiders' actions are the core problem of a security violation. What's interesting is that even if you trust your staff, it doesn't mean that you're immune to insider threats. Thus, employees or contractors can unintentionally reveal your information because of their negligence.

Also, there are always people who: 

  • sell some data for hackers to access applications;
  • intentionally harm the company from inside.

Anyway, you should be ready to cope with insider threats promptly, and MBS Techservices can help you with that by providing: 

  • assessment;
  • development of policy and procedures;
  • employee training on internal threats.

Our highly-qualified team of professionals who specialize in cybersecurity, especially insider threats and corporate espionage, is always open to new questions, discussions, and actions.

Necessary Managed and Concierge Services

Incident Detection

Professional security services can detect all the signs of potential risks as early as possible and solve your problems in a blink of an eye. Then the vector of the attack, its causes and consequences will be defined to respond in time.

Post-problem Recovery

If an incident happens, it's crucial not to lose time and respond smoothly and quickly to reduce negative consequences that can lead to even worse problems. Post-problem recovery program heals computers, restores access, and control over the system, and makes everything possible for your company to get back on your feet.

Managed Cyber Security Services

All in all, by entrusting the process of protecting your safety to professionals, you will receive a set of organizational and technical measures, which is aimed at detecting various types of threats, protecting and responding to these threats, and eliminating their consequences.

Moreover, you can get professional help according to your needs and budget. 

Threat Management Programs

Universal security platforms are providing comprehensive tracking of cyber threats to protect local computer networks.

We want to present you with common types of the UTM system. But remember that to choose an appropriate one, you should pay attention to the number of its built-in components and capabilities. Moreover, it's essential to create a list of possible threats, which depends on the organization's activities' profile, to know what to expect.

Threat Insight

Unique, effective, and robust prioritized report represents the knowledge about threats obtained from the analysis and interpretation of data.

Threat Prevention

It monitors traffic on all ports, regardless of hackers' tactics, by decoding many applications and analyzing the presence of threats hidden in these applications' traffic flow.

Threat Detection and Response

It enables users to quickly detect and respond to complex threats within the network and at endpoints, protecting the organization from threats.

Threat Recovery

Program that gets you back in the game.

Arctic Wolf Networks

You can also use a new product that searches for vulnerabilities and analyzes endpoints by continuous scanning external and internal networks.

MBS Techservices Inc. – Your Key to Solution

Our leading company will identify cyber threats, investigate their depth, and respond to them by taking containment actions. Moreover, we are available 24x7 all year round. First, we can do cyber risk assessment to let you know where things stand.



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