Concierge Security & Managed Security Services

By transferring specialized security tasks, such as incident detection and post-problem recovery, to a security service provider, companies can focus on business.

Want to protect your business sensitive data and reduce the risk of cyber intrusions to the minimum? Looking for a reliable managed security service provider to oversee your corporative network and information security system? There’s no sense to search further! MBS Tech is the very cyber security company you need. We offer top-quality concierge security and managed security services to businesses of any size and budget. We can help you detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats of any complexity so that you have complete peace of mind and can devote yourself fully to running your business, not worrying about its security.

Why You Need Our Managed Security Services


It’s an undeniable fact that nowadays, security and compliance have become one of the primary concerns for every business. An unexpected hacker attack is a common fear in the modern world of high technologies. It’s not surprising, as a security breach can cause both losses in reputation and in income. However, your company can avoid such an unfortunate scenario with the help of our our managed cyber security services.


MBS Tech is a highly-experienced managed security service provider (MSSP) who can help you in protecting your business against any security breach, whether it is targeted malware or an attempt of customer data theft. We can assist you in identifying cyber threats, investigating their depth and scope, and responding to them by taking containment actions. The best thing is that our managed security services are available 24x7 all year round. What’s more, our MSSP and concierge security services are designed to cater to different needs and budgets. With a qualified MBS Tech team, you have the best specialists and technology to safeguard your business and ensure its flawless operation.

What Our Managed Security Services Include


Many businesses look into strengthening their security posture while balancing budgets and having the flexibility to rescale, augment, or downscale cyber security solutions and services with ease. With MBS Tech managed IT security services, you are sure to get the most effective cyber security solutions customized according to your particular business needs. We have partnered with the top cyber security solutions manufacturers to provide you with everything necessary for a secure environment.

Managed Security Services Powered by IBM and AI

IBM® X-Force® Threat Management is a new type of MSSP where cybercrimes are fought via an integrated approach of world-class expertise, powered by AI and orchestration. X-Force Threat Management is delivered out of nine worldwide Security Operations Centers (SOCs), IBM Security Global Command Centers. These SOCs are comprised of world-class standards, people, technology, facilities, and processes to address from simplest to the most complex security needs of clients in deployment, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and daily management of a complete suite of industry-best security products and services. IBM managed security services deliver unique capabilities across all five of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions:


Threat Insight utilizes X-Force IRIS, X-Force Red offensive testing and vulnerability management, and IBM® X-Force® Research and Threat Intelligence, with support from machine learning (IBM Watson) for mining of data within each environment.

Threat Prevention utilizes managed network and endpoint security tools and X-Force data to define threats, identify suspicious behavior patterns, and make policy recommendations at any point in the threat management lifecycle.

Threat Detection includes threat monitoring, validation, threat analysis, and modeling, uses SIEM tools integrated with IBM® X-Force® Protection Platform to provide capabilities such as searching for malware, analyzing user, network, asset, and transaction behavior using cognitive technologies.

Threat Response utilizes the incident response capability of the X-Force Protection Platform integrated with IBM Resilient supporting enrichment and orchestration.

Threat Recovery utilizes X-Force IRIS to help return affected systems to their previous state post-incident, and IBM X-Force IRIS Incident Planning for pre-incident resiliency preparation.

Protect Financial Institution with Arctic Wolf’s Subscription Service

Arctic Wolf Networks provides financial institutions with the managed security services they need to operate in compliance and stay safe from cyber threats and accidental data breaches. The company offers predictable pricing through a subscription service based on the number of users, servers, and locations—not the number of events or log volumes. With around-the-clock access to a Concierge Security™ team, continuous threat detection and response, regular vulnerability scans, and cyber security-specific compliance management, Arctic Wolf helps ensure that the sensitive data of financial institutions remains secure.


Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service helps financial institutions manage cyber risk while meeting compliance requirements. It starts with an expert team of security analysts and incident responders who continuously monitor clients' networks for potential cyber threats and respond to incidents as they arise. The concierge security service includes centralized logging of all network events, vulnerability assessments to identify risks, and a detailed framework for managing compliance in accordance with security regulations and guidelines.


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