IBM QRadar SOAR Platform

Be protected against security incidents and speed incident response with IBM SOAR.

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Want to arm your security team with the best Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) solution for managing your security response proactively and effectively? Need the most reliable SOAR platform with incident simulation and reporting to test your response plans? We are here to fully satisfy your needs with the incident response platform. This leading solution can significantly fuel dynamic and accelerated response and is easy to integrate and to use. It’s a perfect choice for any business, regardless of its size and industry. With the IBM incident response platform, your security team is sure to speed up their workflow by timely identifying high priority indicators of potential threats.

Why Your Organization Needs a Top-Notch SOAR Platform


However sad it may sound, no business today is immune to cyber-attacks that are harmful to your company and its clients. Whatever industry you represent, hackers can suddenly intrude into the digital life of your organization and disrupt your smooth workflow. Though many enterprises have already invested in traditional cyber security solutions, these tools are, unfortunately, not enough to ensure a company's complete safety in the modern cyberspace.


What’s more, with continuous development in technology, companies have to deal with the increasing complexity of their IT infrastructures. With every new device, application, and cloud database, manual management of security workflows becomes harder. That’s why more and more businesses are using SOAR platforms to orchestrate and automate security operations.


A top-notch SOAR platform allows aggregating and analyzing security data from numerous sources. This data is used to automate security investigations, threat hunting, and remediation. It means that your capability to respond to incidents improves, and you can mitigate them quicker and smarter.

IBM SOAR Platform for Effective Incident Response

Orchestrate your response and empower your security team to act faster and more intelligently with the IBM QRadar SOAR solution.


Responding effectively to cyber-attacks now is more complicated than ever with complicated technology environments and a growing skills gap. To combat this, security teams are leveraging incident response orchestration, which coordinates people, process, and technology both within the Security Operations Center and across the organization.


IBM QRadar security orchestration automation and response SOAR platform reduces response times from hours to minutes by streamlining the response process. Inspired by the OODA Loops (observe, orient, decide, and act) methodology from the U.S. Military, IBM Resilient enables analysts to cycle through the process faster and more accurately. With the ability to integrate with more than 100 security tools, it connects every aspect of an organization’s existing security environment with the incident response process, forming a central hub for incident response orchestration.


Unlike other solutions that focus only on the IT infrastructure level, the IBM security orchestration automation and response platform elevates resiliency to the business process level. It helps protect the end-to-end business process dependencies across applications, data, and infrastructure components, increasing the availability of business applications.


Key Features


Please take the time to learn more about the key features of IBM QRadar SOAR to ascertain that this SOAR platform is the best incident response solution for your company cyber security:

  • Automated security incident investigations
  • Complete DR lifecycle monitoring and management
  • Custom workflows
  • Regulatory compliance and privacy notifications
  • Single view of incidents and KPIs
  • Eliminated technology silos
  • On-prem or cloud with optional consulting services
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Built-in automated reporting, analysis, and audit reports

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