Cyber Incident Response Services for Corporations and Individuals

A full set of services on data recovery, investigations, and protective cyber solutions to mitigate future incidents.

Cyber crimes can have disastrous outcomes for businesses and individuals alike. Businesses can be seriously disrupted and perhaps unable to operate, or they can lose their assets, customers, and reputation. Individuals also can sustain serious financial and reputational losses. MBS Tech is best equipped to help you recover from these attacks, selecting and implementing solutions to prevent these incidents from recurring in the future.   

How MBS Techservices Differs from its Competition

Highly skilled experts. MBS Tech’s cyber investigators have extensive experience with intelligence agencies and are highly proficient in stopping data leaks, running investigations, conducting data recovery, and implementing preventative measures to avoid such events in the future.

Individual victims are as important as corporate. The most prominent differentiation from our competitions is that we offer support not only to corporations, but also to individuals who are typically ignored by cyber security consultants. We value all clients, regardless of their size or prominence.  

Streamlined approach in recovery and establishing preventative measures. MBS Tech offers a combination of tactical, digital forensics, investigative, and other cyber security services. Depending on a particular case, the approach to respond to a cyber incident will differ; however, the general direction of our efforts follows this path:

MBS Techservices' Incident Response Services

Cyber Incident Containment and Recovery

MBS Tech’s experts use a combination of threat intelligence and cybersecurity capabilities for threat hunting and response to immediately contain and disrupt detected threats. When culprits are uncovered, and if the situation requires, our experts will conduct negotiations on data and financial assets recovery. Recovery efforts will vary depending on the areas of lost control. We will validate that the affected systems are no longer compromised and will be returned to working condition.

Investigation Services

Investigation services can be conducted as part of Incident Response efforts or as services procured by companies separately.

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). OSINT is gathering intelligence for deeper insight into persons or businesses from publicly available sources. OSINT reports are sufficiently substantiated to be presented as supporting evidence in the court of law.
  • Pentesting. A penetration test simulates a real cyber attack in a controlled environment. Test results allow our consultants to evaluate a client's system’s capacity and verify if servers or applications will resist hostile attacks or whether the identified vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation.
  • Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat Audit and Program. Audit is an assessment of the corporate resilience to security threats from nefarious insiders and/or outside agents. For companies that do not yet have a program, our experts will develop it in its entirety; companies with the program in place will have it reviewed and improved. 

Cyber Security Protective Services and Solutions

Following investigation, our experts will help select best fitting software solutions and manage their installation, optimization, and long-term administration. MBS Tech offers a wide range of software solutions that can be installed to solve various security gaps. Below are some examples, summarized by the identified area of concern.  

  • Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat Personnel Training. The personnel training is delivered to the management team and those employees who represent potential target for nefarious agents. The attendees learn how to recognize possible insider threats, how to mitigate them and reduce damage from malicious devices.
  • Automated Cyber Incident Response. We offer two solutions: 1) IBM Resilient which acts as the central dashboard orchestrating the response to security incidents by integrating security tools and automating tasks; 2) IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform that helps integrate existing security tools, orchestrate actions, and automate responses to threats.
  • Data Protection.  IBM Security Guardium, a data security solution for data access monitoring, helps to discover and classify all sensitive data and protect all types of data from growing threats across on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments.
  • Network Monitoring. IBM QRadar is a network security management platform that provides situational awareness and compliance support via centralized insight into logs, events, and network flow data from thousands of device logs.
  • SIEM / IBM QRadar® Optimization Service. At times, defenses against cyber crimes are in place but fail to provide the expected protection. This occurs when these tools and solutions are not configured properly and their performance is not optimized. MBS Tech will optimize your SIEM / QRadar, provide integration and improve analytics. 
  • Firewall Management. Tufin Orchestration Suite’s SecureTrack simplifies the management of the most complex networks consisting of thousands of firewalls, network devices and hybrid cloud infrastructures.  
  • Remote Access: Mobile Control, Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Cloud Identity. Secure remote access becomes a critical requirement for any business operations. We offer several solutions; their selection depends on circumstances specific to your operations.

- IBM Cloud Identity helps secure users with cloud-delivered Single Sign-On, multi-factor authentication, and lifecycle management. 

- Comprehensive PAM capabilities are offered through IBM Security Secret Server and IBM Security Privilege Manager

- IBM MaaS360 with Watson is a unified endpoint management platform used to manage and safeguard enterprise mobile devices, apps, and content. 

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