Industrial Espionage & Insider Threats Prevention

Assessment, development of policy and procedures, and employee training on internal threats and industrial espionage.

Need professional assistance in espionage prevention or insider threat training for your staff? MBS Techservices is ready to help. We help identify existing and potential insider threats whether they come from current or former employees, contractors, or business associates. We can help you work out and implement an effective industrial espionage and insider threats program to decrease and neutralize both actual and potential damages.

Why You Need to Engage MBS Techservices for Industrial Espionage & Insider Threats Prevention

Industrial espionage is real. Adversaries, such as foreign intelligence services, criminals, and private sector spies, have been routinely attempting to break through corporate defense walls on all levels. With the increased integration and mutual dependencies that exist between the industry as a whole and individual businesses, it is unavoidable that vulnerabilities of one entity open doors to the complete network of all industry participants. Access to IP, trade secrets, and technological developments help adversaries penetrate the foundations of the nation’s economy alongside jeopardizing individual businesses. It is common that espionage actors target individual businesses via insider elements (employees, contractors, vendors) and exploit them as portals to critical data.

Remember: if your business carries any IP that can be considered of any value to espionage actors, you are likely ALREADY a target.

MBS Techservices is a qualified team of highly trained cyber security consultants who know everything about industrial espionage and insider threats. Our expertise in the field and the most recent technologies enable us to detect the slightest signs of cyber insider threats. We can carry out a thorough audit and precisely assess the current situation to work out the best solution customized according to your corporate needs. We use the best cyber security solutions from our partner IBM to complement our services. Some of these solutions are Guardium for data protection and MaaS360 for mobile defense.

Our program focuses on the nexus between insider threat and industrial / foreign espionage as the most complicated and underserved topic of intellectual property defense.

MBS Techservices'  Defense Against Industrial Espionage and Insider Threats Services


Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat Personnel TrainingThe personnel training is delivered to the management and those employees who represent potential target for nefarious agents.  The attendees learn about global threats and main actors, insider threats faced by companies and governments; how foreign agencies and competitors will target some employees; how to recognize concerning behavior that might indicate possible insider threats; and tools and devices utilized by nefarious agents. 

Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat Audit 
Insider Threat Audit is an assessment of the corporate resilience to security threats from espionage actors and insiders. Recommendations will include practical advice and measures that can be taken to mitigate the identified gaps. Some elements of the audit include:
•   Existing corporate policies and procedures on physical and digital data management and security; 
•   Analysis of employee-related issues;
•   Examination of existing cyber and physical data access controls, cyber security solutions and tools.


Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat ProgramThe program is developed on the results of the Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat Audit. Areas covered by the program are:
•   Corporate policies, processes, and procedures;
•   Physical and digital data access controls;
•   Cyber data loss solutions and tools; and
•   Employee training. 

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