IBM Cloud Identity Solution

Secure user productivity with Identity-as-a-Service, including SSO, multifactor authentication, and user lifecycle management.

Looking for a robust cloud identity platform for automating risk protection of on-premises and cloud apps? Need a top access management solution that provides constant authentication of any user to any resource? Cloud Identity from IBM can cope with these and many more tasks with ease. It is a premium cloud identity and access management tool with AI-based adaptive access capabilities. The solution continuously assesses user risk levels by using numerous indicators, from malware ones to user behavior. On the basis of this assessment, it either allows fast access to applications or demands for further authentication. With Cloud Identity from IBM, your company can increase security effectiveness and, at the same time, reduce security management efforts as well as related costs.

IBM Cloud Identity Helps Manage User Lifecycle

Cloud Identity IBM is a launchpad that unifies all apps, both on-premises and in the cloud, helps to find, view, and access all applications from a central location.

With the Cloud Identity solution from IBM, the responsibility of application ownership can be delegated from IT to business managers, empowering them to provide their employees with faster access to applications. Managers can control user onboarding, off-boarding, and self-service access requests for both on-premise and cloud applications. It allows for streamlined access to low-risk users and either blocks or challenges access in higher-risk conditions with a variety of second-factor authentication methods. Organizations can use a simple policy editor to apply AI-informed access policies to prompt for MFA based on behavioral biometrics, device fingerprint, geolocation, and more.

Integration with IBM MaaS360 allows for extending SSO to Enterprise Apps covered by enterprise mobility management solutions.

Key Features

Please take the time to learn more about the key features of the IBM cloud identity and access management solution to make sure that it can do a great job for your enterprise by improving security and compliance:

  • Log in with single sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Easy connection to thousands of Apps
  • User Lifecycle Management
  • Access control with delegation

Watch a Demo of IBM Cloud Identity Solution

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