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Contain vulnerabilities, detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise; run forensics on incidents with IBM QRadar.

Want to get real-time insight into external and internal cyber threats to protect your assets? Need a robust tool for advanced analytics to be always aware of the state of your IT infrastructure? MBS Techservices is glad to offer you the top network monitoring solution - IBM QRadar. This powerful platform with a self-tuning and self-managing database can become a panacea for your network security. It continuously collects and analyzes loads of data from the cloud and on-prem sources to precisely identify external and internal cyber threats. With the IBM QRadar network security management solution, you can be sure that the digital life of your business is out of danger.

Get Real-Time Insight into Anomalous & Malicious Behaviors with IBM QRadar

QRadar is a top-notch network monitoring solution designed by IBM's leading specialists. It  provides real-time visibility of IT infrastructure, which can be used for threat detection and prioritization. QRadar's capabilities can be augmented with AI allowing to automatically investigate, qualify security incidents, and advise analysts on the nature and extent of an incident.


IBM QRadar is available on-premises or cloud, integrates previously disparate functions - including SIEM, log management, risk management, vulnerability management, incident forensics, and network behavior analytics - into an integrated platform to better protect assets and meet regulatory requirements.


  • IBM® QRadar® Log Manager collects, analyzes, stores, and reports on network security log events. It converts raw events from devices, servers, operating systems, applications, endpoints, and more into actionable, searchable intelligence data.
  • IBM® QRadar® Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) helps accurately detect and prioritize threats across the enterprise, provides intelligent insights that enable teams to respond quickly. By consolidating log events and network flow data from thousands of devices and applications, QRadar correlates and aggregates related information into single alerts to accelerate incident analysis and remediation. 
  • IBM® QRadar® Vulnerability Manager senses security vulnerabilities and helps prioritize remediation activities. It correlates vulnerability data with network topology and connection data to intelligently manage risk. A policy engine automates compliance checks.
  • IBM® QRadar® User Behavior Analytics analyzes user activity to detect malicious insiders and determine if a user’s credentials have been compromised. Security analysts can easily see risky users, view their anomalous activities, and drill down into the log and flow data that contributed to a user’s risk score.
  • IBM® QRadar® Incident Forensics allows retracing the step-by-step actions of a potential attacker and quickly and easily conducting an in-depth forensics investigation of suspected malicious network security incidents. This helpful network monitoring software reduces the time to investigate from days to hours — or even minutes.

Key Features

Please learn more about the key features of IBM QRadar to ensure that it is the best network monitoring solution for your business’ digital security:

  • Collection, normalization, correlation, and storage of data
  • Variety of data sources, e.g., firewalls, user directories, proxies, applications, routers
  • Raw events, network flows, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence data
  • Integrates with 450 solutions
  • Detects external threats and attacks in real-time
  • Advanced analytics
  • Detects potential insider threats (theft, fraud, malicious activity)
  • Lowers the costs of managing audits and maintaining compliance

Why Is QRadar Best Solution for Network Monitoring & Management


It goes without saying that the amount of network monitoring software is quite large today. However, QRadar has been called “a leadership technology” by numerous well-known analyst firms, such as Forrester, Aberdeen, and Gartner. So, what makes IBM QRadar different from other network monitoring solutions?


  • Straightforward and quick deployment that saves much time and effort of your security team;
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with lots of other solutions, which gives a clear picture of what’s happening and enables to respond rapidly;
  • Intuitive interface that ensures ease of use;
  • Great scalability (can monitor 300+ servers of the environment, including PCI and SOX zones, and support numerous authorized users);
  • Excellent stability.

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