Privileged Access Management (PAM) with IBM Security Secret Server

Get complete control over application access to endpoints and servers with the top PAM solution from IBM.

Want to be sure that all types of your privileged accounts are safe and sound? Need a robust privileged access management solution with a user-friendly interface and a large number of helpful features? Then, IBM Security Secret Server is exactly what you’re looking for. This top-rated privileged access management tool is already used by thousands of companies worldwide. It ensures secure access to the most sensitive data by leveraging advanced encryption standards and multi-factor user authentication. The best thing is that this privileged access management solution can manage an unlimited number of networks and endpoints to keep your privileged accounts secure from external and internal cyber threats.

IBM PAM Solution: Secret Server On-Premises & in the Cloud

Control information about a user on a computer, from identity to their actions with a leading privileged access management solution.


IBM Security Secret Server makes it easy to identify and secure all service, application, administrator, and root accounts across the enterprise. Through continuous discovery, you’ll be able to curb privileged account sprawl and gain a full view of privileged access in the organization.


IBM PAM Security Secret Server is a repository that stores and manages Secrets, which are pieces of information about privileged accounts, for an enterprise system. Some examples of Secrets include passwords for routers, servers and applications, SSL certificates, license keys, and spreadsheets. The Dashboard is the main screen of the user interface, and it is used for searching and viewing Secrets.


This top-notch PAM solution allows for setting customized password requirements for different equipment or teams to meet your security policy and maintain user compliance. Also, IBM Security Secret Server can send you email notifications on customizable alerts and scheduled weekly or monthly reports on security, system health, and compliance.


IBM Secret Server integrates with many IBM Security solutions, including Cloud Identity for single sign-on and multi-factor authentication and Identity Governance & Intelligence for lifecycle management and governance.


Unlike traditional privileged access management PAM solutions, IBM Secret Server is easy to use and fast to deploy, available both on-premises and in the cloud.

Key Features

Please learn more about the key features of IBM Security Secret Server to find out how it can be helpful for your organization’s privileged access management:

  • Privileged, shared and service accounts
  • Protect passwords with a secure, encrypted vault
  • Change passwords automatically when they expire
  • Record  and monitor privileged session access, log keystrokes
  • Unlimited applications and SDK

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Are you a novice to privileged access management who is struggling to understand its importance and key concepts? Want to deepen your knowledge on the subject to make an informed decision while choosing privileged access management solutions for your enterprise? We are eager to assist. We will gladly provide you with a couple of helpful resources so that you can get acquainted with the nature of privileged access management and its vital role in cyber security. Please feel free to use the resources below for your self-education. We hope you’ll find them useful and worthy of your time.

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