Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Bring your company's cyber security stance in compliance with the industry standards.


Want to be aware of all the relevant cyber risks your company may face to minimize the possibility of getting hacked? Need expert assistance in developing comprehensive countermeasures and a preventive plan for protecting your assets? MBS Techservices is here to serve you. We specialize in conducting structured cyber security risk assessments and thorough gap analysis to help keep your business safe from various cyber threats. Our security risk assessment and audit are based on industry standards such as NIST, OSFI, ISO, NERC, etc. With our cyber risk assessment services, you can be sure that all your assets are protected properly, and all sensitive information is secure.

Why You Need Security Risk Assessment Services

It’s not a secret that nowadays cyber-attacks that disrupt the digital life of corporations are a common thing. Every company, regardless of its size and industry, is facing IT risks on a daily basis. Unfortunately, yours will not be an exception until you make cyber security risk assessments an inevitable part of your work routine. Regular cyber risk assessments will help you detect vulnerabilities that leave your company susceptible to an attack as soon as they arise. As a result, you will be able to build an effective defense against any cyber threats that may affect your business.

Improve your Corporate Security with MBS Techservices

MBS Techservices provides a full set of professional cyber security assessment services for businesses of various sizes. Whatever industry you are in, our experienced team can assist you in improving your corporate security.

We help our clients develop a clear view of their cyber security posture by executing for them cyber security risk assessments or audits. Our assessment services are performed using industry-accepted standards such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations, ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002, etc.

We conduct a thorough review of the client’s existing processes, technology, and people in the area of cybersecurity. We interview staff, review all IT environments, security policies, processes, standards, incident response plans, dataflow diagrams, configurations, and other documentation describing current controls and their maturity. We run a comparative analysis against the industry-accepted standards and guidelines and develop evaluation ratings. Our risk assessment in cyber security includes a careful gap analysis. The gap analysis is prepared on the basis of these findings developed in the context of industry-accepted standards.

The recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the client’s security controls have the objective of bringing them in alignment with the industry standards. Prioritization of the findings based on the security impact and order of magnitude time to implement the remediation recommendations help to develop the transformation roadmap. It means that due to our cyber security risk assessments, you will not only understand the cyber threats your company may face, you will also get the best solutions for avoiding them.

What Our Security Risk Assessment Services Include


We provide everything necessary for giving you in-depth insights into your corporate IT risks and help you leverage industry best practices to improve your cyber security. Our cyber risk assessment services include:

  • Audits, risk assessments, and gap analysis;
  • Assessment of the current business stance of your organization;
  • Evaluation of critical infrastructure’s vulnerabilities and cyber readiness;
  • Based on industry standards such as NIST, OSFI, ISO, NERC;
  • Audit organizational 3Ps (people, processes, and procedures);
  • Recommendations to enhance corporate resilience and ensure compliance;
  • Transformational Roadmap.

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