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Want to keep your business secure from unexpected hacker attacks and harmful insider threats? Need the best cyber security solutions to protect your sensitive data and ensure your company a problem-free workflow in a safe IT environment? MBS Tech is ready to assist. We are a reliable cyber security solutions provider capable of building a roadmap for your business to gain an optimal cyber security position. Whether you’re looking for efficient cyber security solutions for small business or large corporations, we are here to serve your needs in full.

Why Choose Cyber Security Solutions Offered by MBS Tech


MBS Tech provides only tested and trustworthy cyber security solutions. Our relationships with software vendors are based on a rigorous examination of their products. We select solutions that are most relevant to our clients and that have the best reputation tested by the market and our experts.

Need to discover and classify all the sensitive data your company holds? Looking for the most powerful industrial cyber security solutions for around-the-clock data access monitoring and control? Take advantage of IBM Security Guardium.


IBM Security Guardium is a data security solution with a unified set of robust controls. It helps to evaluate database security and compliance risks, protect all types of data from growing threats across diverse on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments. Guardium can support risk assessments for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, LGPD, and other regulations by helping identify databases most likely to be at risk of failing an audit by using data classification, vulnerability scanning, and risk-scoring.

Want your company’s network to be resistant to external cyber-attacks as well as to internal cyber threats? Dream of finding the best of cyber security solutions with rapid deployment, high scalability, and guaranteed stability? Take a look at IBM QRadar.


IBM QRadar is a network security management platform that provides situational awareness and compliance support across on-premises, SaaS, and IaaS environments. QRadar provides centralized insight into logs, flow and events, and asset-based vulnerability assessment. QRadar can be enhanced with AI, while IBM Watson automates routine SOC tasks, finds commonalities across investigations, and provides actionable feedback to analysts.

Want to arm your security team with the top SOAR platform to combat sophisticated cyber-attacks efficiently? Need one of the leading cyber security solutions to test your response plans with incident simulation and reporting? Look no further than IBM Resilient.


IBM Resilient acts as the central dashboard orchestrating the response to security incidents. It allows identifying cyber threats and streamlines incident response by integrating security tools and automating tasks.


With Resilient, security professionals are able to determine points in the security architecture that are less responsive.

Wish to have real-time insights into all firewall and security changes across your enterprise IT infrastructure? Dream of getting timely alerts for all potential new security risks? Make use of a top-notch firewall and security policy management tool from Tufin.


Tufin Orchestration Suite’s SecureTrack offers a comprehensive firewall and security policy management solution for multi-vendor firewalls, next-generation firewalls, and cloud platforms (public, private, and hybrid).


Tufin simplifies the management of some of the largest, most complex networks in the world, consisting of thousands of firewalls and network devices and emerging hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Need complete control over application access to protect privileged accounts and reduce the risk of attacks? Looking for the most robust privileged access management solution that boasts quick setup and a simple user interface? Give IBM's Security Secret Server a try.


IBM delivers comprehensive PAM capabilities through enterprise-grade solutions: IBM Security Secret Server and IBM Security Privilege Manager. IBM Security Secret Server helps keep privileged accounts safe with a secure encrypted vault to store and rotate sensitive accounts. Discovering and vaulting accounts helps understand how many privileged accounts there are and exactly who has access to the key systems and IP through real-time session monitoring, recording and key logging. 

Want to gain the best possible balance between security and user experience of your company’s employees, managers, and IT administrators? Searching for the first-class cloud identity and access management solution to improve safety and compliance? Rely on IBM Cloud Identity.

IBM Cloud Identity helps secure user productivity with cloud-delivered Single Sign-On, multifactor authentication, and lifecycle management. It comes with thousands of pre-built connectors to help quickly provide access to popular SaaS apps and pre-built templates to help integrate in-house apps. When you can provide simpler, faster management tools for deploying IT resources to users, your business can adopt new technology more quickly.

Wish to build a reliable integrated security ecosystem for your business? Need one of the top cyber security solutions capable of gathering threat information and insights across multicloud and hybrid environments? Don’t pass by IBM Cloud Pak.


IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a cloud-based platform that helps quickly integrate existing security tools, uncover hidden threats, make more informed risk-based decisions and prioritize tasks in the multicloud environments. Securely access IBM and third-party tools to search for threats across any cloud or on-premises location. Quickly orchestrate actions and automate responses to those threats – all while leaving your data where it is.

Dream of considerably saving the time spent on security and raising productivity by taking advantage of mobility-as-a-service? Need the best cyber security solutions for unified endpoint management that is easy to deploy and scale? Choose MaaS360 from IBM.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform used to manage and safeguard enterprise mobile devices, apps, and content. With Watson, MaaS360 delivers cognitive UEM with strong security controls across users, devices, apps, and content to support endpoint and mobile deployments. MaaS360 is the only platform that delivers an AI approach to UEM to enable endpoints, end users, and everything in between — including apps, content, and data.

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