Mobility as a Service with IBM MaaS360

Get a comprehensive mobile management and security solution for devices, applications, and content.

Want to simplify management and ensure the security of corporative smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and the Internet of Things? Looking for a powerful unified endpoint management solution for safeguarding all of your company’s mobile devices, apps, and content? We are glad to introduce the IBM MaaS360 solution, a top-notch tool suitable for businesses of any size. It enables enterprises to significantly strengthen their cyber security with mobility as a service. MaaS360 is easy to deploy and scale. This helpful MaaS software is capable of streamlining and accelerating support of a diverse, complex endpoint and mobile environment. With this great unified endpoint management tool, you’ll get complete peace of mind due to the full control over the security of any type of your corporate mobile devices.

Increase Your Cyber Security with Mobility as a Service

Get a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform from IBM MaaS360 with Watson. Discover endpoint vulnerabilities, uncover new opportunities, and align with industry best practices using the industry's first and only AI approach to UEM.

IBM MaaS360 helps manage a wide variety of devices for multiple users from a single console and provides integration with solutions from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other suppliers of management tools. MaaS360 helps understand the full assortment of enterprise apps across several key categories, including installs, usage, performance, and trends.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson makes it easy for IT & Security staff to implement single-sign-on for quick access to approved apps, enforce conditional access for compliant, recognized users, and roll out a unified app catalog for easy app discovery. The MaaS360 Container App for iOS, Android, and Windows helps maintain a safe and protected on-the-go workspace, especially in support of bringing your own device and data leakage prevention. With this smart mobility as a service solution, only approved and valid users can gain access to sensitive data. You can restrict sharing by users, forwarding of attachments, and copying and pasting. Devices that are lost or stolen can be selectively wiped to remove the secure container and other enterprise apps, data, or profiles.

With Watson, the MaaS360 cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) platform works as a trusted advisor to deliver cognitive insights, contextual analytics, and cloud-sourced benchmarking capabilities that elevate IT by enabling more productivity and a more secure environment.

The best thing is that you don’t have to take our words about the efficiency of MaaS360 on trust. You can try this top-graded solution yourself by taking advantage of the free 30-day trial period.

Key Features


Please take the time to learn more about the key features of the IBM MaaS360 with Watson to see why it proudly stands out among other unified endpoint management solutions:

  • Control the entire lifecycle from enrollment, configuration, software support, to decommissioning
  • Detect, analyze and remediate malware on mobile devices
  • Set security policies and compliance rules to automate remediation
  • Remotely view and manage end users’ iOS, macOS, and Android devices,  Windows laptops and desktops, and mixed reality devices
  • Remotely change settings, add applications or remediate connectivity issues

In-Depth Insight into Mobility as a Service with IBM MaaS360


Want to find out how your enterprise can benefit from mobility-as-a-service with IBM MaaS360? Need a deeper understanding of how this state-of-the-art unified endpoint management solution can save your time and raise productivity? We are pleased to offer you some helpful materials on the subject. Please feel free to study them carefully to have a clear picture of the advantages your business gets with mobility as a service from IBM.

Watch a Demo of IBM MaaS360 Solution

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