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We investigate incidents, assess the companys' resilience to threats, and build the most reliable defense systems.

Want your company to work successfully in a secure cyber environment? Need qualified assistance in cyber investigations or cyber specialists’ recruitment? Then, you are in the right place. MBS Tech is a recognized leader in providing top-rated cyber security services to individuals, state organizations, and businesses of any size. We offer on-demand engagements as well as cyber security monitoring services, which include periodical assessments, consultations, and advisory on products and solutions. With our cyber security services, you’ll keep your business protected against any cyber threats.


MBS Tech offers a full set of cyber security professional services, from cyber compliance audits and penetration tests to OSINT investigations and security architecture strategy development. Our services stand out for their high quality and long-lasting results.

Incident Response

MBS Tech’s experts use a combination of threat intelligence and cybersecurity capabilities for threat hunting and response to immediately contain and disrupt detected threats. When culprits are uncovered, and if the situation requires, our experts will conduct negotiations on data and financial assets recovery. Recovery efforts will vary depending on the areas of lost control. We will validate that the affected systems are no longer compromised and will be returned to working condition.

Cyber Investigations

Our Investigation services can be conducted as part of Incident Response efforts or as services procured by companies separately.

Any business can become a target of cybercrimes. Existing security protection gaps or just new methods of attacking can have severe consequences resulting in financial and IP losses, copyright infringement, operational disturbance or unwarranted surveillance.


Our cyber investigators have extensive experience with intelligence agencies and are highly proficient in investigation, data recovery, and prevention measures for technology-based cases of fraud, internet scams, cyberterrorism, cyberextortion.

OSINT is gathering intelligence online. Our investigators track, collect, and describe all digital footprints which help in the following cases:  

  • Research on the counterparty before entering into a contract, partnership;
  • Study the competition and locate lost connections;
  • HR background checks on potential and current employees;
  • Investigation of criminal, civil, or insurance fraud cases.

Any organization can become an object of the industrial espionage efforts, which, when combined with insider attacks, can bring long-term and even irreparable damages. We help businesses to identify the expanse of existing threats and vulnerability, develop policies and procedures to fight risks and train staff.



We provide the best cyber security services related to cyber security risk assessments, which allow us to develop comprehensive countermeasures for protecting your assets and minimizing the possibility of being hacked.

We offer series of risk assessment services of corporate cyber risks and gap analysis. MBS Tech services extend from tabletop awareness exercises for Executive Suite to ongoing progress monitoring. Our compliance assessments and audits are based on industry standards such as NIST, OSFI, ISO, NERC, etc. 

A penetration test simulates a real attack against infrastructure, applications, controls and processes around the networks and applications, in a controlled environment. Test results allow our consultants to evaluate client's system’s capacity and verify if servers or applications will resist hostile attacks and whether the identified vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation. We provide recommendations on how to improve defenses against these vulnerabilities. 

Cyber Security Architecture

No cyber security protection mechanism, no matter how advanced it is, can become effective in an environment lacking proper controls and processes, which are ensured by a proper cyber security architecture. Our security architects provide the complete cyber architecture services for all phases of a project delivery. We conduct assessments and develop security architecture strategy which translate it into security programs or individual projects.

    Co-Managed Support for Cyber Security Solutions


    At times, defenses against cyber crimes are in place but fail to provide the expected protection. It can happen when these tools and solutions are not configured properly, and their performance is not optimized. MBS Tech’s experts offer tuning services for such network monitoring tools to make sure that your software performs as it should.

    With the growing intensity of cyber threats and security professional talent gap, many companies resort to outsourcing their defenses. We provide businesses with security services, working as an extension of their teams managing SIEM solutions. Service can be tailored to the company size, environment, industry and any scope of cyber security support.

    By partially outsourcing your IBM solutions support efforts, your organization can take advantage of the expert skills, tools, and processes and significantly enhance security without making a large investment in technology and resources.

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