Co-Managed IBM Solutions Support 

We help companies enjoy the benefits of the best cyber security tools without bearing high costs of managing them.  

Managing and supporting modern cyber security operations requires a robust and effective capability for identifying offences, enriching them with threat intelligence, and correlating information across multiple intelligence sources. IBM offers some of the best and most sophisticated cyber security tools and solutions available in the market. Meanwhile, support, operations, and monitoring of these solutions requires specialized training and skills. Partnering with MBS Techservices can reduce the cost and complexity of managing these solutions while helping you build a stronger security posture by utilizing them to the maximum of their potential. Our services augment the existing IT teams by supporting highly specialized IBM security solutions that protect you from the most advanced threats.

Why You Need Co-Managed IBM Solutions Support

  • The need in complex cyber security solutions is growing with businesses continually expanding their digital capabilities with digital transformation initiatives against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape;
  • In recognition of these challenges, many organizations resort to IBM cyber security solutions that are ranked as the top cyber defense tools in the market.
  • A continuing shortage of experienced cybersecurity talent creates monumental challenges for most in-house security programs.
  • To support security programs, many organizations consider outsourcing their IT security to MSSP partners.
  • Businesses are often not comfortable introducing a full-pledge MSSP service, which entails giving away full control over its IT operations.

How MBS Techservices Differs from Its Competition

MBS Techservices combines industry-leading tools, capabilities, and expertise to help you secure your information assets, often at a fraction of the cost of staffing and operating your security operations center. We are highly skilled in supporting and managing IBM cyber security solutions. Our services will augment your staff with highly specialized expertise. In a co-managed setting, you will get the best of two worlds: MBS Techservices' unique and highly specialized expertise and control over your assets retained by your corporation.


By partially outsourcing security operations, your organization can take advantage of expert skills, tools, and processes and significantly enhance security without making a large investment in technology and resources.

MBS Techservices' Support for IBM Solutions

Our services are structured using a managed service delivery model where MBS Techservices first reviews and benchmarks the existing systems and performance, provides deployment, integration, optimization of a solution and then operates the solution in a steady-state configuration on a monthly or annual basis. We also provide incident management, emergency response or support services to augment and optimize the security intelligence capabilities.

IBM QRadar Deployment and Monitoring

This service provides a turn-key solution for the IBM QRadar® on premise or on cloud (QRoC). IBM QRadar® is the market leading security intelligence platform for maturing security operations and addressing threats through integrated visibility, detection, investigation, and response workflows. Businesses can get centralized insights across users, endpoints, clouds, applications, and networks with out-of-the-box support for thousands of security use cases including insider threat, advanced threat, cloud security, and more. Our experienced team will deploy, integrate it with your existing infrastructure, digital assets, and applications and will assist with monitoring and responding to incidents and adjusting QRadar’s performance as corporate data sources and technological features change. 

IBM QRadar Optimization

Optimization is a customized technology service designed to assist with improving the maturity of existing QRadar deployment and enhance the security intelligence capabilities as your needs change. We will provide expert resources to optimize system design, cloud integration, implementation, configuration, offence tuning, workflow, and analysis.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Security Deployment and Monitoring

As businesses move their operations to the cloud, security data sets spread across different tools, and IT environments. This creates gaps that allow threats to be missed – that can only be solved by undertaking costly complex integrations. IBM Cloud Pak® for Security provides a platform to help you integrate existing security tools to generate deeper insights into threats across hybrid, multi-cloud environments, using an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere. You can search for threats, orchestrate actions and automate responses – all while leaving your data where it is. Our team will deploy, integrate it with your existing infrastructure, cloud-based data, and applications. 

IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence Analyst

IBM X-Force® Exchange is a cloud-based threat intelligence sharing platform enabling research on security threats, aggregation of intelligence, and collaboration with peers. IBM X-Force Exchange, supported by human and machine-generated intelligence, leverages the scale of IBM X-Force to help users stay ahead of emerging threats. MBS Techservices' IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence offering speeds security investigations with actionable threat intelligence that integrates with an organization's security tools. Specifically, our fee-based, SaaS offerings include:

  • IBM Threat Intelligence Insights for IBM Cloud Pak® for Security
  • IBM X-Force Exchange Commercial API (also Enterprise API)
  • IBM Advanced Threat Protection Feed by X-Force

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