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Get your valuable assets protected with a leading cyber security consultancy.

Want to keep your business safe from unexpected cyber attacks and insider threats? Looking for high-quality, reliable cyber security consulting for small business or large corporation? No need to go further! MBS Tech is a top business security company, offering premier cyber security consulting services and solutions. With our expert assistance, you are guaranteed to work in the most secure IT environment.

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MBS Techservices Inc. is more than a cyber security consultancy.

We are Cyber Security +.

MBS Techservices Inc. (MBS Tech) is a business security company specialized in protecting corporate assets and IP. Cyber security is at the core of our set of offerings. Meanwhile, any business has multiple doors that can grant access to the outside or inside nefarious elements. Our cyber security consultancy provides corporations with comprehensive coverage against these thieves and disruptors whether their offenses originate in cyber or physical space.


With the growing volume of asymmetrical warfare tactics used against business entities, MBS Tech applies countermeasures and controls similar to those implemented by the defense and intelligence agencies. Our expertise extends from assessment and testing, compliance, building architecture to training, recruiting, and cybercrime investigation.


Our cyber security consulting agency partners with the best-of-class cyber security solutions manufacturers, such as IBM.


Our team is comprised of experienced and successful experts from different paths of IT, cyber security, business consultancy, intelligence, and policing, with all levels of security clearance.



Metis- and veteran-owned business

Fortune 1000 clients from financial, industrial sectors

Qualified to provide services to Defense sector

What Our Cyber Security Consultancy Can Do for You

MBS Tech cyber security consulting company offers a full set of first-class security solutions and services to ensure your business complete safety in cyber space. Whether it comes to monitoring, assessment, or management, you can entirely rely on our highly-qualified business security consultants.    


Our set of offerings constitutes multiple layers of defense having Artificial Intelligence at its core. An integrated system of technologies and services includes cyber security solutions in SOAR, SIEM, Network Monitoring, Cloud Identity, MaaS, SOAR, PAM, Firewall Management, Data Protection, and other solutions supporting on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.


The solutions provided by our cyber security consulting agency are complemented with our on-demand and long-term monitoring services such as MSSP, compliance audits, and security architecture, training programs on insider threats and industrial espionage, incident response, and any other type of cyber security protection and incident response.

How We Differ From Our Competition


It’s not a secret that there are many cyber security consulting agencies today. However, not all of them have enough knowledge and experience to ensure your secure, problem-free workflow on the web. MBS Tech is a top cyber security consulting company trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. We proudly stand out among the competitors due to the highest quality of our solutions and services alongside an individual, customer-centered approach.

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Being the best cyber security consulting company, we partner with the recognized leaders in the manufacturing of cyber security solutions. It means that our clients get only top-notch products that work effectively and at a steady pace.

IBM Gold Business Partner
Member of CADSI
Association of British Columbia Marine Industries

Our Cyber Security Consulting Team


We are an experienced team of knowledgeable, highly-trained business security consultants who are fully dedicated to their job and our clients. Whatever we do, we try our best to meet and exceed your highest expectations and ensure your complete customer satisfaction.

David Morrish

David Morrish Founder & CEO

David Morrish is a founder and CEO of MBS Techservices Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. His career in the information security industry started over two decades ago, and his innovative style of leadership has earned him recognition as a pioneer in the industry. Since founding MBS Tech, David has been leading the company with the most outstanding vision.  Through organic growth, the company has earned the trust of customers in all industries and all verticals. One of David's specialties is working with clients to change their employee's behavior towards Information Security challenges. David has an education in Technology from BCIT and numerous technology and security certifications including that from MIT. He also served in the Military.

Olga Gorstenko

Olga Gorstenko MBS Techservices Senior Consultant

Olga Gorstenko is one our senior consultants. As a CMC with an MBA and Degree in Finance, she has an extensive expertise in the energy markets and IT security. During 20 years of business and consulting experience, Olga has developed a comprehensive  understanding of markets and business operations; her expertise extends to regulatory, financial, accounting, marketing, and operational areas. Her analytical acumen and creative vision bring in the most ingenious holistic assessments and solutions for clients. Olga has written numerous articles and consulted to the Fortune 500.  She is the creator of an online publication that discusses energy and data related articles. In her spare time, Olga makes jewelry and cross country skis.

Dr. Matthew Kane

Dr. Matthew Kane Analysis Consultant

Dr. Kane is our Behavioural Analysis consultant, where he has extensive expertise in conducting research and analysis into the human condition. Dr. Kane began his career with the Canadian Armed Forces as an Intelligence Officer. He holds a Ph.D. and master’s degree in Psychology and a BA in Military Strategic Studies and is currently working towards an MBA. During his distinguished 10-year career in the military, he saw service in various theatres of operation where he had the opportunity to work with international intelligence units that included the CIA, DIA, ONI, and MI6 among others. Currently specializing in nonverbal communication and deception detection Dr. Kane brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to MBS Techservices. 


Phil is a Threat and Risk Consultant exending his expertise to MBS Techservices.  He worked as a senior strategic analyst at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) specializing in violent extremism and radicalization. He also served as senior special advisor in the National Security Directorate at Public Safety Canada and as consultant for the Ontario Provincial Police’s Anti-Terrorism Section. Phil was CSIS’ lead strategic analyst on all homegrown extremist plots from 2001-2013 and is recognised as a leading expert on identifying radicalisation and insider threats.


Bob, MBS Techservices' Industrial Espionage Consultant, has an extensive experience in conducting and managing complex national security investigations. For over 30 years with the CSIS, Bob was Executive Manager responsible for advancing national security and intelligence programs, building strong and diverse teams, fostering collaboration and leading change. He has spoken at numerous security and intelligence conferences throughout Canada and around the world. During the course of his career, he has developed numerous international contacts with security and intelligence agencies, law enforcement, academia and private sector. Most recently, Bob also was an Associate Member of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police.

What Clients Say about MBS Tech Cyber Security Consulting Company


Thousands of individuals and organizations have already chosen our cyber security consultancy to ensure their comprehensive safety and complete peace of mind. Please take the time to learn what happy clients say about the quality of our cyber security services and solutions to see that we are the best cyber security consulting company to deal with.

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