Improve Your Cybersecurity with the Help of IBM Mobility Solutions

Every day more and more people struggle against malicious and deliberate attempts to penetrate their information system. Thus, hackers try to get profits by disrupting the victim's network. Check out our innovative mobility solution to avoid cyber threats. 

Common Types of Cyberattacks

Malicious Software

This type of cyberattacks uses your vulnerability to enter the network – by clicking on a dangerous link or opening a suspicious email attachment. Then an installed software starts to:

- secretly collect data from the hard drive and send it to an attacker;

- install other harmful software;

- block access to crucial network components;

- disrupt the operation of some components and disable the system.


It is one of the most common and hazardous cyber threats. Hackers steal your confidential data (especially accounts and credit cards) by distributing email messages that stimulate you to use the site, log in, and lose your data.

Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Type of cyberattack when hackers infiltrate the communications between two parties, gain access to traffic, and steal data. They can use unsecured public Wi-Fi networks or applications to pull it off.

SQL Injection

By transmission of malicious SQL code to a server, data is exposed to hackers.

Zero-Day Exploit

When your vulnerability is disclosed, you don't have a solution for this cyber threat. To identify it, permanent monitoring is essential.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson – Innovative Mobility Solution

Meet comprehensive enterprise mobile device management software solution to secure all applications, content, and devices without compromising user experience. 

The Benefits You Get

  • easy mobile authentication and registration;
  • simplicity and affordability;
  • data security and protection against corporate data leakage;
  • easy device management from a single console; 
  • convenient work with content;
  • integration with corporate services;  
  • rapid application distribution and updating; 
  • improving the productivity of internal mobile users and contractors.

Due to IBM MaaS360 with Watson benchmarking capabilities, cloud-based cognitive analytics, and contextual analysis, you'll understand the smallest nuances of mobile technology. Moreover, you can protect users, endpoints, documents, applications, and data in a unique and secure platform anytime, anywhere. 

Apart from simplifying enterprise mobile device management, you can protect any device, including Windows Phone, Windows PC, iOS, Mac, BlackBerry, Android, and OS X devices.

Cost of Mobility as a Service

The cost of implementing a MaaS360 with Watson mobile device management solution is based on two main factors:

  • the number of devices or users that require licensing;
  • the complexity of implemented work, the amount of time essential for the integration, initial configuration, and launching into trial operation.

Cyber Security by MBS Techservices Inc.

MBS Techservices Inc. presents you with the best cybersecurity solutions for any business. Thus, we offer you to increase your cybersecurity with mobility as a service.

You get a special management platform that lets you discover endpoint vulnerabilities and understand the enterprise apps by integration with solutions from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other suppliers of management tools. Moreover, you can do whatever you want with your information – limit sharing or copying it, and delete the data of lost or stolen devices.

We'll help you create and maintain a safe workspace and prevent data loss as only reliable users will access it.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson – Key to Success

With the world's best enterprise mobility management system, you can: 

  • quickly create a platform and meet budget;
  • provide authorized mobile access to data and applications for employees;
  • protect the company from mobile security threats, and deliver the right mobile apps to users on time.

Save your time, raise productivity by trusting us the creation of a secure environment for you! Try a free 30-day trial period to be sure of our competency.



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