Best Internet Connection for Digital Nomads

Best Internet Connection for Digital Nomads

Remote or hybrid work soars and changes the world known to us. It also influenced the number of digital nomads. The trend is controversial because, on the one hand, it’s a consistent consequence of the current hybrid work increase. However, the remote work rise is due to the pandemic featuring travelling restrictions. The tendency shows that even under the current circumstances and with the world’s adaptation to the pandemic situation, many people feel more freedom to choose where they want to work from for better comfort, performance and other reasons. That’s why this blog post investigates the ways to ensure the best Internet connection for digital nomads. Of course, our primary focus is cyber safety. 

Digital Nomad Workforce

Digital nomads, aka techpats, are remote workers who travel to different destinations (cities, regions, countries, continents, etc.) and work online from various places - apartments, hotels, cafes, co-working areas, libraries - that provide an Internet connection. They primarily use easily portable, lightweight devices such as smartphones and laptops to work from any Internet-connected spot in the world. They can stay at ordinary places like rented accommodation, hotels, hostels, or live in a tent, on a boat, etc. All that makes it essential to find the best Internet connection for digital nomads.

Many digital nomads come from prosperous countries and open the most relevant visas not to restrict their remote work. Others used to apply for a travel visa with somewhat unstable legal issues because you are not supposed to work with this kind of document. To help the situation and attract digital nomads to boost their economy, many countries created special visas for digital nomads, such as the SMART visa program in Thailand and e-Residency in Estonia. The nomadic schemes function in 40+ countries such as Bermuda, Barbados, Argentina, Georgia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Malta, Hungary, Romania, and - among the most recent - Spain (digital nomad visa instead of prior Non-Lucrative Visa). 

Remote work sharp increase and more legal opportunities have contributed to the considerable rise in techpats. It gives researchers a possibility to talk about the digital nomad workforce as a type of remote workforce. Let’s look at the number of people embracing the digital nomads' lifestyle. There are 35+ million digital nomads of different nationalities all over the world. About $800 billion a year is the global techpat community’s economic value. Most digital nomads come from the US, Portugal, Germany, and Brazil. All the numbers show again that digital nomadism is becoming a workforce to consider. And  Internet connection is among its most essential aspects.

How to Ensure Best Internet Connection for Digital Nomads

Where to Find Free Internet Connection

The Internet connection is an obligatory condition in digital nomadism. Its quality and consistency matter much. The most common free public Wi-Fi hotspots include public libraries, rentals, hotels, cafes or coffee shops, co-working spaces, transport, universities and colleges. However, you shouldn’t totally rely on public Wi-Fi hotspots. Develop a backup plan (maybe a paid version in case of need) because your living is at stake. Investigate the best options your destination offers, and always mind cyber security.

How to Safeguard Your Devices

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are hackers’ beloved way to commit cybercrime and access sensitive data. You need to be cyber security cautious and limit or maximally protect your digital activities while using free public Wi-Fi hotspots. Utilize a robust VPN to encrypt your data and stay cyber safe. When using public Wi-Fi, enable the firewall. Don’t allow public network sharing. And don’t forget to protect your devices with reputable anti-malware software. Also, consider cloud backup and remote wiping for emergencies.

What Can MBS Tech Offer to Digital Nomads

Digital nomads can effectively prepare for their travel by consulting with a reliable cyber security company like MBS Tech. We can offer the most up-to-date services and solutions perfectly suitable for this kind of lifestyle, to stay safe in any place in the world. The most important thing we’d like a techpat to remember is that wherever there is the Internet, there has to be proper cyber security. Be cyber cautious to stay safe across the globe.  



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