Feel Free to Use a VPN or… Not

What Is a VPN? Why Should You Need It?

A VPN stands for a virtual private network and represents one of the effective online protection means. When utilizing a VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel through which your Internet traffic is routed. Along the way, it changes your IP address to the VPN server's where your data is redirected.

VPN services are essential when you deal with public Wi-Fi. If you trust any connection at all, we recommend starting to be more cautious. With the Wi-Fi open to anybody, you never know who can access and watch the traffic on that network or its real operators. Negative consequences can be results of any cybercrime possible to commit after obtaining private data. And the collected info by thieves may include passwords, banking and other sensitive data.

VPN at Home and for Private Use

At home, you don't usually need to worry about the Wi-Fi much because you own the network. You just need to configure the settings properly to maintain its confidentiality and security. Strong, unique passwords for an Internet connection and Wi-Fi router access play an essential role, for that matter. However, many people utilize VPN services at home or for private networks too. Why?

Reasons to Utilize a VPN for a Safe Home Network

One of the common reasons to use a VPN for a secured home network is to prevent ISP (Internet service provider) from tracking your online activity. In that case, opt for a no-log VPN - a VPN tool that doesn't store or track private data or online activity. Then you'll protect privacy from everyone - thieves, ISP, and VPN providers.  

If you go abroad, local settings will change to the country you go to, e.g. language, website versions, data limitations, etc. With a VPN, you can return to familiar interfaces and use the Internet the way you like it. And once again, a safe VPN will take care of your private data staying secure accessing the public Wi-Fi during your journeys.

The last but not the least reason to have a VPN at home is to get access to services that are restricted by your location. However, this reason can lead you the wrong way if it's illegal or non-compliant with applicable regulations and directives. Besides, services may know that trick and ban you for good.

What Makes a Safe VPN?

If we speak about a secure and insecure VPN, the first and foremost thing at stake is privacy.

By the protocol, all VPN connections are encrypted. That means no other parties get access to your private data and online activity. If you registered or provided some information to VPN operators, "no other parties" would mean except for you and your VPN provider. So, you safeguarded your privacy against intruders, Internet service providers, governments, states but still opened a window for a VPN provider.

That issue may be solved by using a reputable no-log VPN with an anonymization process starting at the server's level. Now you're safe.

With IT technologies and their fast development, users can never be 100% sure about their privacy protection. So, here's one more thing to mention. We wrote "reputable no-log VPN" intentionally. Researchers spotted some "no-log" VPNs actually logging users' data. Here's what can help: VPN provider's transparent policies and audits and strong trust in them.      

Drawbacks of a VPN

Here is the list of some inconveniences or issues related to the use of a VPN:

  • browsing speed could slow,
  • no guarantee of 100% privacy protection or untraceability,
  • most VPN tunnels are tremendously difficult to hack, but their data centers can become a target of hackers' attacks,
  • free VPNs aren't that reliable. If you value your privacy, you better choose a premium VPN guaranteeing online security.

Let Professionals Ensure Your Privacy Protection

MBS Tech can provide top notch services of cyber security and Internet privacy protection that can be far beyond the scope of a VPN and are always tailored to your needs.    



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