Firewall Management for Strong Security

Firewalls are among the best cyber security tools for network security in today's digital world. There are plenty of varieties for different needs and sizes. All reliable firewalls successfully serve to secure traffic and detect or stop unauthorized accesses or breaches. The only issue, caused by growing data scopes and constantly updating cyber security measures due to increasingly complicated threats, is rather complex firewall management. 

Why You Need a Firewall

Firewalls are network security tools protecting all devices from external access or breach by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic and reacting to threats. They prevent private networks from being accessed by unauthorized Internet users. In general, firewalls can be hardware, software, and hybrid.

Firewalls are obligatory components of any efficient corporate cyber security architecture. And they are highly recommended systems for all Internet users - for individuals' safeguarding their private networks and other purposes.

Since the very emergence (the late 1980s) of such network security systems, firewalls have been seen as the first strong barrier or defense line against external cyber threats. The combination of firewalls with other cyber security measures makes your network highly effective and secure, and the data safe and much less vulnerable.

Types of Firewalls - Choosing the Right One

Here are common types of firewalls based on methods of operation.

Packet-filtering firewalls - a basic and simple checkpoint with low protection capabilities. They are fast and don't need many resources but aren't considered secure enough.

Circuit-level gateways - a resource and cost-efficient solution without deep-layer content inspection. It verifies TCP handshakes.

Stateful inspection firewalls - a firewall solution with more advanced protection combining capabilities of packet filtering and circuit-level firewalls, but requiring more system resources.

Proxy firewalls - secure application-level gateways delivered via a cloud-based solution or a proxy server and inspecting the packet content, unlike basic firewalls.

Next-gen firewalls (NGFW) - highly secure gateways combining the advantages of traditional firewalls and are suitable for businesses.

Also, according to the way of delivering services, there can be software (installed), hardware (separate security devices), and cloud firewalls.

The Right Firewall Architecture for Businesses

Considering firewall management strategies for businesses, essential aspects to take into account are the company's size, the necessary level of protection, and financial resources.

And don't forget that you can combine different types of firewalls for different segments of a company's network and its high performance. Robust network segmentation with multiple layers of firewalls will improve cyber security and reduce the damage of a breach.  

Firewall Management Challenges for Maximum Security

As the number and sophistication of cyber threats grow fast, firewall developers have to act immediately - to ensure up-to-date protection of their users' networks. Being able to safeguard your network, modern firewalls are far more complicated for users than they used to be even several years ago. 

The best security results can only be achieved if firewalls are correctly managed. Sensible configuration and monitoring, constant (if not everyday) patching and updating are among serious tasks a user is to accomplish very frequently if they want to secure their network. 

No tool is flawless, and firewalls have vulnerabilities too. Developers regularly provide users with verified versions ready for new challenges any network can face every day. And still, the most common cause for unauthorized access and data breaches is poor firewall configuration.

Firewall Management with Tufin SecureTrack Solution

Considering the vital role of preventing cyber attacks and other cyber threats and complicated monitoring and configuration, businesses should consider delegating firewall management to professionals dealing with the best tools suitable for business needs. Get firewall and security policies optimized to enable business agility while meeting the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

MBS Tech recommends Tufin SecureTrack as the most effective and reliable firewall management solution. SecureTrack firewall management is an integral element of Tufin's Orchestration Suite.

Tufin SecureTrack's benefits for businesses are:

  • elimination of potential threats timely and quickly;
  • successful achieving strategic security objectives;
  • cost-effectiveness - Tufin SecureTrack allows to lower overall costs spent on security policy and firewall management.

Need help developing efficient firewall architecture for your business or other cyber security services? Reach out to MBS Tech's renowned professional team.



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