Tufin Orchestration Suite – One-of-a-Kind Complex Decision

Nowadays, companies face more difficulties connected with network security than ever, while cyber threats become more hazardous. Thus, IT specialists try to modernize networks because of regularly planned computer attacks and make them more complex to prevent constant cyber threats. But, unfortunately, it's a considerable amount of work which is almost impossible to deal with. That is why the Tufin Orchestration Suite comes to help!

Optimize and control the security of your network with this comprehensive network security administration solution. 

What Opportunities You Get

With the help of this software, you can monitor, record changes, and perform a qualitative analysis of protection rules in firewalls. Besides, it provides automatic adjustment of firewall rules and centralized administration of service connections.

Tufin Orchestration Suite guarantees a high degree of security analysis and compliance with internal and external safety regulations.

The Benefits Tufin Presents

  • an integrated security policy management console; 

  • cloud security subsystems;

  • the quality of protection; 

  • compliance with requirements;

  • operational adaptation to changes in the structure;

  • optimization of security policies; 

  • reducing the number of attacks.

What Can It Offer Your Company?

  • administration of applications;
  • protection of "cloud" systems;
  • relocation and consolidation of the processing data center;
  • centralized security rules;

  • network security correction;
  • splitting networks into segments; 
  • accordance with requirements;
  • management of risks.

Security Is What Matters

Nowadays, it is necessary to control security rules on all platforms. Therefore Tufin Orchestration Suite, which supports data centers, all network devices, essential firewalls, and cloud platforms, is a beneficial and necessary tool. Moreover, it gives you such opportunities in one console, which simplifies the process on numerous occasions.

Explore centralized administration of physical network security rules, SDDC, and mixed cloud platforms.

Continuous Compliance

If you want your organization to generate reports in accordance with corporate regulations and regulatory standards, Tufin is indispensable. Moreover, it is your lifeline in the world of cyber risks. 

Securing Application Connections

Undoubtedly, applications play a significant role in today's networking. They have not been without Tufin, which ensures their availability at any time. With this reliable software, you can get automatic protection of access both inside and outside the applications and users. 

Besides, if there are inappropriate or incorrect changes, it will identify where the core problem is and inform you.

Types of Tufin Software

Do you dream of a flawless working process and safe security environment? Then Tufin is your solution number one! This analyzer and optimizer of your firewall, network devices, and cloud platforms will save your time, nervous system, and money.

Tufin Secure Track

With this management software solution, you can forget about the insecurity of transactions and service disruptions. Moreover, it will control the access to applications and automate the whole process by managing it from the single unit and providing the permanent reports.

  • control and analysis of changes;
  • visual analysis for a wide range of devices;
  • continuous monitoring of the operating system;
  • scalable management for enterprises;
  • optimization of productivity and security;
  • analysis of risks;
  • corporate auditing and compliance of requirements;
  • network topology study.

Tufin Secure Change

It analyzes risks, controls compliance with standards and requirements, and improves accuracy by automating the process. This platform also accelerates the audit, which provides a secure environment.

Tufin Secure App

Manage your network security policies from a perspective of an application in a blink of an eye and simplify the analyzing process. Thus, you can update or remove applications without a problem and identify or track the changes that bother you.

Tufin Secure Track Solution by MBS Tech Services

It seems that we'll never cope with cyber threats, which have become a common occurrence. Still, MBS Techservices Inc. offers you safe and reliable application connectivity with the opportunity to analyze and control all the platforms and devices from a single unit with compliance requirements.

Be sure that MBS Techservices Inc. provides leading cybersecurity services to help you solve any problems by focusing on such standards as PCI-DSS, SOX and NERC CIP, and more to react to risks in a timely manner.



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