Multi Cloud Security Best Practices, Trends and Solutions in 2022

Multi Cloud Security

Multi cloud environments are getting more and more popular as businesses realize the advantages different environments can offer. However, multi cloud means multiple vendors; pressure on cyber security grows, and multi cloud security best practices are among most wanted these days.

Are Cloud Services Secure?

Clouds have many benefits, including the ones enhancing cyber security (DDoS prevention, ephemeral workloads, etc.). However, the question about clouds being secure is tricky. With proper tools and regular maintenance contributing to resilience, clouds are safe. On the other hand, for a user who doesn’t alter, configure, and improve cloud systems properly, they aren’t. And cloud-based attacks are on the rise right now. Luckily, there are reliable cloud solutions (including multi cloud security solutions we’re going to talk about) that bring safety through state-of-the-art cloud security services.

Multi Cloud Security 101

What Is Multi Cloud Security?

Multi cloud security combines all possible measures and tools that maintain robust cyber security in a multi cloud environment. With efficient multi cloud security monitoring, businesses may take advantage of multi cloud capabilities without facing cyber threats they could bring.

Multi cloud environments often imply multiple vendors. This variety of cloud providers is the biggest challenge multi cloud security faces. Still, there are several participants of the business multi cloud security - cloud providers, cyber security experts, users.

Poor Multi Cloud Security Risks

If a business doesn’t adopt multi cloud security best practices, it can:

  • permit unauthorized access,
  • lose sensitive data and valuable assets, 
  • have compliance issues resulting in large fines, 
  • experience customer outflow or a total business reputation loss.

These aren’t the only problems businesses face in case of poor cloud security, but the list has already shown how serious it can get. Now let’s move on to the information that can help avoid the negative consequences and enjoy the benefits of effective multi cloud structures.

Latest Multi Cloud Security Trends

Starting with good news, 2022 is the year when multi cloud takes its place as a standard in the vast majority of businesses. This makes multi cloud security priority #1 for those who underestimated it before, and hi-tech companies are going to work even harder in improving the field.

However, the problems are still there. As more businesses go multi cloud, malicious actors find clouds more enticing. Enterprises are doomed without due attention to cyber security.

Multi Cloud Security Best Practices

First, be mindful about choosing cloud providers. All cloud security starts with the protection that a cloud provider ensures. The more reputable provider, the less work for you. Then follow this checklist:

  • Pay attention to data encryption.
  • Don’t underestimate security policies.
  • Be serious about compliance.
  • Set up real-time multi cloud security monitoring.
  • Backup cloud data.
  • Improve, update, keep up with the latest approaches and technologies.
  • Pick the right multi cloud security tools and solutions.

IBM Cloud Pak among the Best Multi Cloud Security Solutions

IBM Cloud Pak for Security works in the multi cloud as well as hybrid environments. It’s a leading solution that protects your system by top-tier multi cloud security monitoring, inspection and management.

IBM Cloud Pak is developed according to IBM’s high standards. It contributes to smarter and much faster reaction to cloud-related cyber threats. And you don’t need to transfer data anywhere. This platform shows high integrative capabilities and can be easily built in existing security architecture. 

To learn more detailed information about IBM Cloud Pak for Security, you can look through our helpful resources. Reach out to our team, who are always eager to help if you have any questions left. Stay cyber safe, and don’t forget to check our cyber security blog for new pieces of valuable info.



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