Are Clouds Truly Secure?

The present and future of work changed considerably after the pandemic and the lockdowns it brought. With an unprecedented amount of organizations shifting to remote or hybrid workflows, clouds became the most popular technologies for efficient results. But are clouds truly secure?

Benefits of Clouds

Clouds offer many tools and opportunities to help individuals and businesses. The world's current shift to remote work and growing cyber crime showed companies the vital need for immediate actions and prioritized cyber security. More and more businesses invest in resilience to common and increasing cyber threats. Clouds are among the solutions to ensure that resilience. They can offer many effective benefits, such as:

  • distributed applications and services against one-direction cyber attacks like DDoS;
  • immutable data sets against attacks on the integrity of that data;
  • ephemeral workloads for confidential information.

The important thing to consider is that the cloud architecture needs altering, adjusting, and regular advancement. If you build resilient systems from the very beginning by yourself or with professional help, you'll reduce many cyber risks.

Cloud-Based Attacks Rise

The cyber world gives excellent opportunities to businesses and individuals. However, it also makes them targets for malicious actors who are always ready to take a chance to gain everything through cyber attacks on cloud users, in particular. Recent reports show that cloud attacks have intensified significantly since 2020. Cyber security experts investigated 30 million cloud users' accounts in various industries worldwide. They identified more than 3 million cloud-based cyber attacks over 2020. This significant 10% of affected users also depended on the origin - India took one of the first places for the number of cloud-based attacks, whereas the US cloud users appeared to be less affected.

The attacks rose dramatically in the second quarter of 2020, exceeding previous cyber attacks reports by more than six times. From that period and up to the present, the numbers of cyber attacks are at steadily high rates - 600-700 threats per minute.

Most Malware Delivered via Cloud Applications

It isn't surprising that cyber criminals are using cloud apps to distribute malware. In particular, more than a half used malicious Microsoft Office documents as a means of sending ransomware, using back doors and other threats. Cloud-based apps are also frequent targets of phishing attacks.

Top IBM Cloud Solutions

IBM brings safety through top tier cloud security services, identity and access management, up-to-date security strategies, and fast incident response.

MBS Tech Inc. offers a robust cloud identity platform that unifies all apps, controls faster access to internal and external users, and prevents cyber risks - IBM Cloud Identity solution. Cloud access management is determined by single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and identity governance. 

Most businesses, that are mindful of their cyber security, have an ever-growing number of complex security tools and vendors. IBM Cloud Pak for Security safeguards clouds and coordinates incident response to minimize risk to the organization. 

Contact MBS Techservices Inc. to learn more about IBM cloud solutions or pick the most suitable option for your specific needs.

You Can Help Cyber Security Experts Fight against Digital Attackers

Cyber security professionals like MBS Tech are here to help clients with any issues occurring. However, with increased remote work, the growing number of cyber attacks and more and more sophisticated malicious actors' strategies and methods, the specialists can't cope with everything without your help. Businesses and individuals need to take cyber security very seriously. Adopt standard cyber security individual and corporate practices, mind your cyber hygiene, and we'll bring the fight to cyber criminals together.

Reach out to MBS Tech's reputable professionals delivering state-of-the-art services and utilizing up-to-date solutions. Ensuring your robust cyber security to protect against the growing cyber attacks is the most cost-efficient investment for your business. Make clouds truly secure.



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