Present and Future of Secure Remote Work with MBS Tech's Solutions

We're now witnesses of fast work transformations boosted by the situation in the world. Many businesses practised remote work long before the pandemic but more as an additional opportunity than in an ongoing way. Now that remote work covers most industries at an unprecedented rate, cyber security is becoming a paramount concern.

Let's have a look at remote work peculiarities and issues as well as possible solutions MBS Tech can recommend.

Current Remote Work Conditions and Cyber Security Awareness

2020 forced many businesses to change the way they organize their work. With the period of events unknown in our lifetime, remote work became the best way out, remaining that slight hope even in the darkest days of the pandemic. Ever-growing work-from-home practices make cyber security meet more demands than ever, including the protection of hybrid environments, business resilience, and much more. Luckily, with the increased popularity of remote or hybrid work, the understanding of the crucial importance of cyber security policies also came. We hope that this knowledge will soon lead to confident actions in favour of cyber security.

Unfortunately, increased focus on cyber security isn't the only dynamic trend in this field. Threats and cybercrime are growing too. To stay safe, it is more urgent than ever for businesses and individuals to act cyber consciously and utilize the services of expert cyber security masters such as MBS Techservices Inc.

Businesses' Deployment of Cyber Security Tools and Solutions 

As more businesses prioritize cyber security, they start analyzing its state and safety policies, utilizing standard tools more, and adopting new effective cyber security practices and solutions.

Common measures for the companies with the hybrid workforce - with integrated security and collaboration issues - and remote work include:

  • multi-factor authentication (MFA);
  • utilizing VPN capacity more efficiently;
  • enhanced cyber security corporate policies;
  • more training by cyber security experts for increased cyber awareness of the stuff;
  • reorganization and cyber security professionals recruitment;
  • using reputable and secure remote access tools;
  • increased visibility;
  • zero-trust strategy.

There are many cyber security challenges ahead, but utilizing effective services and solutions and raising the staff’s cyber awareness will help you avoid many critical security issues. 

The companies that started prioritizing cyber security in pre-pandemic remote and in-office working felt stability when others needed much time to adjust somehow. But it isn't too late to learn from the situation and feel confident again - especially taking a look at the future of secure remote work. 

Future of Secure Remote Work

Major cyber security reports on future trends warn us that cyber threats will continue growing. And the more people choose to work from home, the faster the threat level will rise. 

Now that businesses spent almost a year adjusting their remote work, most realize that the only secure solution is to get well prepared for the potential issues and threats. Cyber security is becoming the top corporate and investment priority because all the hard work can be vanished in days, if not minutes, without proper cyber security architecture.

On the other hand, this remote or hybrid workforce trend is likely to stay with us for much longer, if not forever. And with efficient cyber security measures and practices, businesses can benefit from secure remote work even more after the pandemic in the long run. That's why it's essential to set up appropriate cyber security from this very moment. 

Secure remote work potential will go up. All leading innovative remote work insights will include robust cyber security measures as well. However, cyber targets will also increase both in number and in spheres - there will be fewer industries or fields which face none or small cyber danger.  



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