Cyber Security in the Cloud: IBM Cloud Identity

Cyber Security in the Cloud

Cloud cyber security covers all data, tools, infrastructure, and other means that protect cloud-based assets from being exposed, breached, stolen, or compromised. In this blog post, our team would like you to find out more about cyber security in the cloud - general information and our reliable tools. Speaking more precisely, we want to introduce you to one of MBS Tech’s leading cyber security solutions - IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM).

How to Safeguard Operations in Cloud Environment

Cyber Security in the Public Cloud

If you choose to use public clouds for individual or business purposes, cyber security should be among the issues you need to think about at once. It all depends on the cloud platform you picked. Major public clouds (Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services) prioritize cyber security; they thoroughly monitor and analyze potential threats. For individual purposes, this could be enough provided that you take your cyber security seriously, are aware of current tools and practices, and care about your cyber hygiene. However, data breaches can happen in public clouds. And businesses should be much more cautious and boost cyber security in the cloud by the multi-level defence.

Cyber Security in the Cloud for Businesses

Now, let’s talk about universal recommendations especially useful for corporate purposes. To secure cloud-based business operations, follow these instructions:

  1. Prioritize cyber security and invest in it. This approach is cost-effective as you secure all assets with reasonable financial resources.
  2. Utilize up-to-date cyber security solutions for risk assessment, monitoring, administration that increase visibility and efficiency.
  3. Optimize the threat identification and management process according to your particular area or situation. Go for regular pen testing if possible.
  4. Get expert help to ensure cyber security in the cloud. There are several options to follow this instruction: by hiring a big in-house cyber security team of experienced professionals and letting them cope with all cyber security issues; by hiring a smaller number of talented cyber security and delegating some part of the job to MSPs like MBS Tech once, periodically, or on a regular basis; by delegating all cyber security issues to MBS Tech or other renowned cyber security companies.
  5. Learn how to boost cloud security management strategies.
  6. Educate workers and train your cyber security team.
  7. Automate operations and incident responses to a reasonable extent.

How to Ensure Solid Cyber Security in the Cloud

IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be the right answer. This solution helps safeguard business operations under conditions of the modern hybrid working environment. It enables secure access for all users - clients and workforce. 

Benefits of IBM Cloud IAM

The solution offers complete customization. It doesn’t need businesses to build a new architecture - IAM can perfectly complement your existing system and raise its efficiency to higher levels. Also, IBM Cloud IAM features high integrative ability. The IBM solution utilizes many up-to-date technologies and methods, such as  SSO (single sign-on), MFA (multi-factor authentication), etc., to deliver a pleasant user experience.

IBM Cloud IAM is the solution that will help your organization keep safe and more productive. It ensures the perfect balance between cyber security and user experience. The result depends on the strategy and architecture you develop. Here, experts at MBS Tech can help you with all or any step on the way to your growth - planning, design, administration, deployment. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with the appropriate information for your particular needs. We’ll also send you a demo of the IBM Cloud Identity solution. And your enterprise will have a chance to try a trial version of the solution for free.



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