Security of Clouds - Challenges and Solutions

Cloud technologies offer organizations state-of-the-art solutions for data management and processing, they are also flexible and easy to deploy. The cost of deploying a cloud solution is also one of its biggest advantages. Having to invest in on-the-premise data storage with the same capabilities is extremely expensive, and startups and smaller businesses simply cannot afford it. Cloud technologies are ubiquitous and are often integrated in the existing infrastructure of a company. As a result, there are certain challenges that can undermine their security and the safety of your data. In this post, we will have a closer look at the challenges that the security of clouds faces and how you can overcome them.

Cloud Security Challenges and Problems

The first challenge arises from the complexity of the multicloud or hybrid cloud solutions nature. Keeping the data secure across multiple clouds and on-the-premise solutions is a difficult task. Ideally, you need a solution that will work seamlessly providing you with all the necessary insights. 

Next, the changing nature of the digital assets that are stored and processed in the cloud makes conventional security tools hard to implement. The workloads are constantly fluctuating making creating security policies and protocols much more difficult.

Finally, the number of cybercrimes directed at cloud environments has grown dramatically. These include DDoS attacks, data breaches, data loss, malware, etc. Cybercriminals can find vulnerable access points to disrupt the work of your company.

Best Solutions to the Problem of Cloud Security

There are a few best ways your company can increase the security of the cloud environment used. One of them is the IBM Cloud Pak® for security and multicloud management

1. Zero Trust architecture

This is a complex solution that can be narrowed down to the following. With Zero Trust architecture in place, your network will verify everything that is going on inside. This approach allows you to accommodate the dynamic workloads and the complexity of your multicloud or hybrid networks. With IBM Cloud Pak® you can deploy Zero Trust across your whole organization.

2. Unified interface

With a single integrated interface you will no longer worry that you are going to miss any threat or attack. The multicloud management tool gives you access to all your enterprise’s digital assets from one convenient place, allowing you to have full control of the data.

3. Automation

With a set of integrated software, IBM Cloud Pak® gives you all the necessary tools to set up automated responses to cyberattacks without having to migrate your data. This will free your staff from having to manually respond to all the incidents and allow them to spend more time on high-value tasks.

4. Time efficiency

Automation also will help you significantly cut down on the time necessary to respond. Otherwise, your staff would need hours to process everything. Moreover, the faster you respond to the cyber threat, the less damaging its effects are going to be.

5. Cost Efficiency

Your staff is one of the most valuable assets. Having to retrain them or hire more people to take care of cloud security is not something every business can afford financially and timewise. This is when a co-managed solution becomes one of the best options for the company. MBS Techservices offers IBM Cloud Pak® for security deployment and monitoring. Our tech specialists will work alongside your team to integrate this solution into your existing infrastructure you will reap the benefits of using an innovative multicloud management tool.



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