Understanding OSINT Investigation

OSINT Investigation

In today's digital age, open-source investigation (OSINT) has become an important method of gathering information from publicly available sources. Such analyses are in demand, for example, to verify a candidate applying for a company that provides access to commercial data. Also, an investigation from public sources can be necessary for checking the integrity of an employee or a partner before signing a big deal. At MBSTech Services, we specialize in providing OSINT investigation services to clients in various industries.

What is OSINT Investigation?

OSINT investigation involves collecting and analyzing information from publicly available sources such as social media profiles, public records, news articles, blogs, and more. Information gathered through OSINT investigations can be used to identify potential threats, investigate criminal activity, conduct forensics, and more. OSINT investigations can be particularly useful when other types of investigations may not be feasible or effective, such as when investigating individuals or organizations operating in countries where traditional investigative methods may be challenging.

How an OSINT Investigation Works

An OSINT investigation involves several steps. The first step is identifying information sources relevant to the investigation. This may include searching social media profiles, online forums, and public records databases for information. Once the sources of information have been identified, the next step is to collect the data. To do this, specialized tools can be used to extract information from websites and social media platforms. The data is then analyzed to identify patterns and connections between different pieces of information. Finally, the information gathered during an OSINT investigation is compiled into a report that can be used for decision-making.


An OSINT investigation can involve a wide range of methods and tools. Some of the most commonly used tools include social media analysis, web scraping, and data visualization tools. OSINT investigators can also use advanced search techniques to uncover relevant information, such as logical search operators or advanced Google search techniques.

Benefits of OSINT Investigations

Open source investigations are used when it is necessary to obtain certain types of information without attracting unnecessary attention and without involving law enforcement agencies. The absence of any legal barriers to collecting data from open sources is also a plus of this type of investigation. Here are a few more key advantages of open-source investigation worth mentioning. 


Cost-effectiveness: OSINT investigations are generally less expensive than traditional investigative methods such as surveillance or undercover operations.

Access to publicly available information: OSINT investigations allow investigators access to publicly available information that can be used to make decisions.

Less Intrusive: OSINT investigation is less intrusive than traditional investigative methods and can be conducted without arousing suspicion.

Wide Range of Applications: OSINT investigation can be used for various purposes, including due diligence, threat intelligence, and competitive intelligence.

Why Choose MBSTech Services for OSINT Investigations?

We understand how important it is to get accurate information promptly to make important decisions. That's why our team has developed a unique approach to conducting open-source investigations to ensure our clients always get the information they need.   


Experience: Our team of investigators has years of experience conducting OSINT investigations for clients in various industries. We have a proven track record of successful investigations and can provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

Customized Services: We tailor our OSINT investigation services to each client's needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide them with the information they need to achieve their goals.

Cutting-edge tools and techniques: We use the latest tools and techniques for OSINT investigations, including advanced search methods and data visualization tools. This allows us to gather and analyze information more efficiently and effectively.

Actionable intelligence: Our reports provide clients with actionable intelligence that can be used to make decisions. We present our findings clearly and concisely, allowing our clients to understand the information we collect quickly.

In Conclusion 

Open-source research conducted by a professional team gives an undeniable advantage in possessing important information for decision-making. At the same time, this method is absolutely legal, inexpensive, and effective. It does not require special permissions and application to law enforcement agencies or private detectives. A group of qualified specialists from MBSTech Services can do all the work. They know the intricacies of network services and the extraction of information from the expanses of the Internet.



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