QRadar Guide: Top IBM Monitoring Solution for Business

IBM Monitoring Solution

Our team continues introducing our readers to the foremost tools and solutions we’re working with to safeguard our clients’ cyber assets. Today is the turn to show the capabilities of our top IBM monitoring solution featuring advanced analytical possibilities and providing users with an effective real-time threat reveal. You’ve already had a chance to learn general information in our blog post about the top-notch cyber security monitoring services by MBS Tech. And now you are welcome to our state-of-the-art network monitoring solution IBM QRadar specializing in network performance. It provides actionable insight into the most critical threats.

Best IBM Monitoring Solution for Robust Network Security

IBM Security QRadar SIEM is a supreme automated platform and a current leader in intelligent security analytics. IBM QRadar has an autonomous database, and it gathers, monitors, and inspects giant loads of data from all possible sources - on premises as well as cloud-based. Then it detects all cyber threats and identifies critical cases. With this expert approach, our clients utilizing the IBM QRadar solution can be sure that their business network has never been safer.

Key Features of IBM Security QRadar SIEM

As an advanced security analytics platform, the IBM monitoring solution represents a winning combination of such functions: Log Management, Security Information and Event Management, Risk and Vulnerability Management, Incident Forensics, and Network Behaviour Analytics. It is a unique AI-powered automated network monitoring solution showing great cyber analytical results. The platform functions continuously and presents real-time monitoring results and advice. IBM QRadar is on-prem and cloud-based. The solution monitors various data sources such as user directories, firewalls, routers, proxies, applications, etc. Also, IBM QRadar features advanced integrative capabilities.

IBM QRadar’s Benefits 

IBM QRadar shows a golden standard for all network monitoring solutions. Foremost technology research and consulting companies Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen, and others have been defining this IBM monitoring solution as an acknowledged SIEM leader for many years. So, why is it the best for network monitoring and management? Primarily because of its functionality, IBM’s responsible and up-to-date approaches, and proven efficiency. See the benefits businesses obtain with this platform:

  • robust intelligent security analytics for accurate threat detection;
  • quick deployment with multiple options;
  • detailed insights across environments;
  • intuitive, user-friendly interface;
  • self-managing database
  • advanced scalability;
  • continuous monitoring;
  • multifunctionality;
  • out-of-the-box integrative capabilities with 450 solutions;
  • on-prem and cloud-based;
  • real-time network visibility with threat detection, qualification, prioritization and recommendation;
  • log management;
  • regulatory requirements compliance;
  • time and effort saving;
  • cost-efficiency - lowers the managing audit costs and effectively safeguards business assets.

MBS Tech' Strong Support for IBM Monitoring Solution and Other Tools

If you opt for IBM QRadar SIEM to manage your company’s cyber security, there is one more service MBS Tech recommends. To boost its efficiency or ensure the smoothest start with fast positive results, you should consider our co-managed IBM solutions support. Outsourcing this IBM monitoring solution, other IBM tools or the whole cyber security structure to MSSPs is a popular practice for today’s businesses. MBS Tech is highly skilled in supporting and managing IBM cyber security solutions; that is why we know how to get the best out of them in any particular case. 

Our traditional scheme for existing cyber security systems includes: its total review; necessary IBM solution deployment, integration, and optimization; further operation on a monthly/annual basis. We specialize in co-managed IBM monitoring solution support for IBM QRadar Deployment and Monitoring, IBM QRadar Optimization, as well as IBM Cloud Pak for Security Deployment and Monitoring and IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence Analyst services.

Outsource any or all cyber security operations to reliable experts at MBS Techservices and enjoy the highest professional level of cyber security services delivered by our perfectly skilled team utilizing the most innovative and up-to-date approaches and knowledge. Invest in the safe, stable and wealthy future of your business. 



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