Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Unlike the means and tools that help eliminate cyber threats upon occurrence, cyber threat intelligence is a proactive measure. It is an opportunity to promptly identify, respond, and develop a suitable protection technique, preventing potential risks. Spoiler: for the overwhelming majority of commercial and non-commercial industries, the importance of cyber threat intelligence plays a decisive role.

Cyber Threat Intelligence What Is

We mean working with the analytical data processing necessary to ensure information security by talking about the threat intelligence process. It helps experts identify potential risks and threats to make intelligent decisions about how they can protect your personal and business data from cyberattacks. Below are some questions that threat intelligence can help you find answers to:

  • Who are your opponents, and how can they attack you?
  • What cyber attacks are critical for your company?
  • How can the targeting of attacks affect your security tools?
  • What factors should specialists track using a threat intelligence report?
  • How can we ensure your business's information security and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks?

Actual Directions of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Today, there are three main stages of the threat intelligence process, which allow specialists to conduct a comprehensive study of existing and potential cyber threats. There is a strategic, tactical, and operational analysis, differing in search directions, specifics, and output data. You can learn more about this by familiarizing yourself with the table that our experts have compiled for a visual demonstration. 

Directions of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Please note that we have used just some information to describe the overall picture. A multi-level approach to information processing is the key to the importance of cyber threat intelligence, so the amount of data analyzed is much more significant than that presented in the table.

Why is Cyber Threat Intelligence Important for Business?

The importance of cyber threat intelligence will always be to provide full-scale information for making competent decisions and choosing protection measures. However, the results of such activities will not always be visible and understandable to ordinary users. That's why the merits of the cyber security team may be underestimated. It is essential to destroy this misunderstanding in time and combine the capabilities of cyber threat intelligence with the goals and priorities of the business.

For example, adequate support from threat intelligence companies can help with:

Reducing Losses Due to Cyber Attacks and Fraud

The concepts of cyber attacks and fraud cover many different scenarios and tools used. However, cyber threat intelligence specialists with anti-fraud experts can identify the principal risks and areas critical for individual cases. Knowing about potential dangers is the best defense that can help business people save a lot of resources. 

Prevention of Information Leaks and Data Loss

Leaks and loss of industrial information often cause more damage than theft of material resources. So all your data needs high-quality protection, including personal accounts and intellectual property. Competent cyber threat intelligence allows you to analyze all possible incidents, security holes, and potential risks. 

Reducing Business Threats by Industry

The absence of local precedents does not detract from the importance of cyber threat intelligence since the protection of your data & digital resources can be affected not only by competitors but also by changes in the global situation. Experienced analysts and representatives of national security departments regularly record cases of cyber attacks on a particular industry, which helps to respond quickly and eliminate risks for other companies that have not yet been attacked.

Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence for Your Corporate Safety

Good cyber threat intelligence news is that constant niche development leads to it now occupying top positions among other cybersecurity services. Information obtained through tactical, operational, and strategic analysis is actively used to create safer and more secure environments, where the identification of intruders takes a little time. MBS Techservices specialists know this for sure because we have been working on creating and delivering the best services and solutions for business cybersecurity for a long time. Every day, our experts confront many threats, protecting personal information and preventing data leaks.

The key importance of cyber threat intelligence is to reduce all kinds of risks for your business. So, delegate all safety hassles to us, and focus on improving your services, products, and customer satisfaction.



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