IBM Providing Reliable Cloud Identity Solutions

IBM will help you use most of the cloud and develop a safe environment for your data.

Safety the IBM Presents

  • Cloud Security Services

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Security Strategy - Risks and Compliance

  • Incident response

Identity-as-a-Service for Employees

Meet a high-quality solution for identity management, authentication, and users’ productivity. 

The Opportunities You Get

  • Single sign-on

  • Multifactor authentication in applications for external users 

  • You can implement user lifecycle management

  • With the help of connectors, you can easily connect to hundreds of apps

  • Self-service tools for help 

  • The convenience of applications search (by using the launcher)

  • Increase security with multifactor authentication

  • Managers can take responsibility for access control

Simplify the Lives of Your Employees with SSO

With the help of the single sign-on tool, you can access different applications without reconnecting. Therefore you get simplified access, a better user experience, a controlled system, a less busy help desk, and increased security. 

Problems You Face Before Identity-as-a-Service

Every time you want to use another app, you have to repeat the authorization process, but real problems arise when you forget your password or username and have to ask for help. Moreover, if you have a huge company and your employees have common issues every time, you should spend extra money on the company’s support.

Benefits You Get After

  1. You’ll access applications, manage passwords faster, and make help desk managers’ lives easier.

  2. Cyber threats connected with manipulating passwords will be reduced.

Multifactor Authentication for Secure Environment

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without electronic devices as it’s an integral part of our life – we use email, social networks, look for information, buy things online, etc. That is why our confidential data can be at risk and needs protection. With the help of multifactor authentication, you can increase cyber security and save your data.

This method requires two or more proofs to identify and get access to your account and all possible applications - it can ask you a secret question, send an email, or check a phone number.

IBM Cloud Identity by MBS Techservices Inc.

MBS Tech services Inc. providing cyber security+ services offers a robust cloud identity platform that unifies all apps, controls faster access to internal and external users, and prevents cyber risks. 

Besides, cloud access management is identified by single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and identity governance. You can watch the demo and contact us for a complex solution for your enterprise.

User Lifecycle Management We Prefer

We appreciate every client and are always open to new ones. Thus, you can trust us and ask whatever interests you. For our part, we try to provide high-quality service at every stage.

Standard Stages of CLM for You to Use


At this stage, the client only learns about the company and gets acquainted with its services. It is the most costly stage since the company has to invest in promoting its products, but it does not profit. The stage of attraction is the most difficult, but it promises success in the future. 


If the attraction stage turned out to be quite effective, the potential client shows interest in the company. Any positive reaction is essential at this stage since the first impression is often decisive.


The client makes a purchase decision by comparing the company to its competitors. The client is most inclined to buy at this stage, but the probability of rejection remains high. That is why it is so important to conduct additional stimulating activities, such as offering a discount or a free trial.


A client makes an order, purchases the product, and tries to use it. If the choice is made correctly, the client will become a regular one.


All in all, the client has a final impression. At this stage, he wants to continue working with the company, and it is essential to support his desire in every possible way. To effectively manage the customer lifecycle, it is necessary to maintain communication with customers at all stages.



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