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IBM FlashSystem

First, it’s essential to clarify the system's status and explain how it differs from the standard drives. The main difference is in the technology and the way you can store the data. Flash memory is used in the IBM system instead of typical solid-state drives. Since the technology was released in 2013, this system had several updates, and in 2021 users saw the latest model of IBM FlashSystem. However, the prime purpose didn’t change, and users could effectively use this system to transform the IT infrastructure, increasing the overall security level. It’s not a complete list of advantages. Continue reading to find out why IBM FlashSystem is the best choice for you.

Custom Hardware Architecture

It is the main technological feature for all IBM FlashSystem products. It means that the basic component inside the system is not a traditional server-based array controller. Developers implement custom flash modules, external storage area network interfaces, and FPGA Logic. The main thing is that flash modules incorporate small chips. It could be multi-level or single-level gadgets that give access to multiple functions. For example, you can manage your flash memory and activate IBM Variable Stripe RAID protection for data. 

Depending on which model of IBM FlashSystem you use, the number of chips may change. The default configuration requires a set of 10 flash chips in the system, but again, it depends on the model.

Main Protection Capabilities of IBM Flash System

The latest update for the IBM system in 2021 included the newest feature that protects users from different kinds of attacks and viruses. It’s called IBM Safeguard Copy. The main feature of this protection mechanism is about taking frequent copies of the production environment. You can set the frequency single-handedly (for example, on hourly copies), and monitor the environment using this feature. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, because Safeguard Copy has 3 additional options, and now we will highlight them to show how good they are.

Backup Capacity

You can use this option for any production volume, but consider that the capacity depends on the frequency, and you can’t surpass it. Moreover, the duration until the backup is retained also differs. You may need regular checks to ensure everything is fine, or just stick to the schedule. The minimum frame for the backup is 30 minutes. This may be very effective against repeatable attacks.

The Production Volume

It correlates directly with the Safeguard Copy. The main criterion at this point is the client’s topology. Depending on that point, the main source volume could be Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, or z/OS Global Mirror (primary or secondary volume).

Recovery Volume

This part of the Safeguard Copy is needed for a backup copy restoration. It works even when the products continue to run on the production volume. The main feature of the recovery volume is that in most cases it’s thin-provisioned, but usually, we can see the opposite.

All these small parts are combined in the IBM Flash System to work as one huge system. Some operations and functions that are available for clients could be too complicated. Users could spend hours trying to understand everything and choose the correct settings. You can save your time and leave this to experts. By ordering the IBM Solutions Support service, you get support from our talented specialists. They will do everything you want to create a perfect condition for your working process. 

Start Using IBM FlashSystem Today

The importance of data protection in the IT infrastructure for corporations and companies that keep lots of information that way. However, the more things you need to keep, the more complicated it is to provide proper protection. Our Experienced developers know how important it is to get your data protected. No one wants to deal with breaches and virus attacks. So, why not get yourself a strong defensive system?

Cooperation with our technicians opens the gate forming, setting up, and implementing this system as needed. With huge experience working with small companies and giant corporations, we understand common problems and know how to resolve them. Don’t hesitate to organize data protection with IBM FlashSystem. Call us today! 



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