Discord Hack - Real Threat to Data

Discord is a huge multifunctional platform conceived as a set of servers for communicating with video game lovers. Over the past couple of years, platform has been used increasingly by Discord hackers to spread malware. Most of this malware is designed to steal personal data from platform users. However, users also point to a large number of Discord DDoS attacks, which are increasing each year, and the knowledge of how to warn Discord cyber attacks is key to the safe use of the platform.

How Is The Discord Safe?

Discord is useful and easy to use because every registered person can create servers on it, and check for fraud and other illegal actions on these servers are carried out by channel moderators. However, even moderators cannot be sure that they are not dealing with Discord hackers by accepting requests to join a server. So if you plan to develop your Discord channel, it is not superfluous to study all possible system vulnerabilities and conduct a risk analysis before starting.

What Security System Does Discord Use?

Discord uses transport layer security encryption or TLS. This means that Discord’s security system can browse your correspondence with other users to detect fraud, but at the same time it can also be used by any little-advanced Discord hacker. In 2021, more than 17,000 malicious URLs were discovered alone during the investigation.

What Kind of Discord Hacks Can You Meet?

There are thousands of them and hack discord is not so difficult.  Now hackers can use cyber attacks to get any type of your data. This can be access to your personal data, health insurance data, they can access your cryptocurrency wallet data, bank information about your credit cards, and more. 

The Most Common Discord Hacks In 2022

Over the past few years, the trend has not changed and can be identified as 3 main types of fraud that Discord hackers use: getting a game account, having your personal data, and use of an account for phishing spam mailings. 

Getting a Game Account 

One of the main Discord cyber attacks. It is mainly the case with video game fans. On one day the user receives in personal messages a phishing link, with a request to enter a game account under the pretext of a discount on the game or to receive an in-game gift. The page looks almost identical to the login page of the game, but after entering your login and password these data fly to Discord hackers. 

Having Your Personal data 

The scheme is also quite simple. Under the guise of awarding prizes or simply under the pretext of receiving a gift, you may be asked to enter your personal information, such as the delivery address or even the bank information of your card. 

Using a Spam Mailing List Account

You can also be asked to log into your personal account or the message will contain a request to integrate the site with your server for information. After you click on the link your server will be hacked and hackers will start to send spam mailings from your account to thousands of servers or even enter voice channels. 

How to Avoid Discord Cyber Attacks?

It is best never to open links from users you do not know in your private messages. But sometimes it is almost impossible to distinguish the phishing page from the real page or clicking on the link happens by accident. It is therefore worth considering protecting your personal data beforehand. Your password should be unique and complex, it should be different from the password on your other accounts, do not send your password in private messages to even friends, use the current version of the antivirus.  It is also necessary to include two-stage authentication in the application itself, as well as recommend upgrading a high-quality firewall and establishing a deeper degree of protection against Discord cyber attacks for example using IBM Security QRadar platfrom.

In Conclusion: The Best Way To Avoid Cyber Attacks is Foresight 

The number of Discord users increases every year and the platform has long gone beyond the purely gaming community. Morphisec analysts conducted a study in which they found that hackers increasingly began to use Discord in their chain of cyber attacks. Therefore, full-port protection of your server and personal data becomes a mandatory point of execution for anyone who does not want to face cyber attacks. 



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