Cyber Security Trends for New Year

Cyber Security Trends

The battle between cyber security experts and malicious actors seems to continue forever. The modern world suggests Internet users more and more helpful technologies to improve their living and working conditions. However, those benefits come with an extra price malicious actors may charge. Cyber security trends for 2023 are about resistance, priorities and new directions.

Cyber Security as a Trend

The post-pandemic era with promoted remote or hybrid workspace (which is still a trend) taught businesses that messing with cyber security can cost way too much. We learnt that lesson and continue moving in the right direction by prioritizing and investing in cyber security. We ask the companies who haven’t done it yet to reach out to the experienced cyber security experts at MBS Techservices and receive the necessary guidance.


On the other hand, there is much more work for cyber security experts. Recent estimations show a 30% increase in the cyber security industry. That is why we continue witnessing cyber security talents’ shortage, and the gap between demand and offer is going to expand. Unfortunately, there is no good news for employers in the labour market. The field is challenging and prestigious, as usual.

Internet of Things (IoT) as a Source of Booming Threats  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is among new technologies which have made people’s lives evolve greatly. IoT is a network connecting a constantly increasing number of constituents - from a smart bulb to smart cities, from a wearable to industrial businesses. And now it’s everywhere. Moreover, there are dozens of billions of IoT devices globally.


It won the hearts of many, and it happened fast. However, cyber security experts aren’t among those completely in love with the tech. The greater power IoT obtains, the more cyber security concerns appear. You may find a lot of the latest articles on IoT and data breaches.


For sure, IoT will stay a tech trend in 2023 as well as one of the top source cyber security threats. However, we hope the scope IoT covers will make developers prioritize cyber security as this technology is also about trust and money. 

Most Common Cybercrime Types

The main way to understand which cybercrime will flourish is to follow the money trace. Ransomware attacks are still at the top of most common types of cybercrime with huge payouts. Phishing scammers will keep targeting individuals relentlessly. Also, remote work makes clouds very tempting. That is the direction where we noticed considerable movements.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Save Large Business

Recent reports show that AI and ML save millions by automating monitoring, detecting and mitigating cyber security risks. Researchers predict a significant increase in investment in the field, meaning more sophisticated tools to fight cybercrime may soon appear.


We can also conclude from the last year’s experience and progress that many cyber security areas can wait for better tools. The demand and increased investments are sustainable support of the trend.

Cyber Security Awareness Rise

Several sequent years showed us the significant changes the whole world underwent. Something that used to feel impossible turned out to be a part of our reality. And it changed all spheres of our lives, including our attitude to cyber security. We’re still far from a proper order, but each year shows us some progress. So, next year won’t be an exception. All cyber security experts try hard to safeguard Internet users as well as spread the knowledge of how to behave in the cyber world and feel safe.

One More Year for Cyber Security Challenges

Technologies grow fast but so do malicious actors. Remote work, cloud-based solutions, IoT, etc., bring much more comfort to our lives. Our task is to appreciate it and protect ourselves from cyber threats to live happily.



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