Cyber Security Report of May, 2020: Keep it Remote and Safe

In April, cyber hackers continued shaping their attacks around the global epidemic crisis and the associated transfer of the workforce from office to homes. 

  1. Attacks on mobile devices keep increasing: with corporations moving to remote operations, the attack surface has shifted from desktops and laptops to mobiles; the growing use of mobile devices continues to draw the attention of nefarious elements.
  2. There are more fraudulant emails and text messages related to the crisis: cyber criminals play on society's fears, compassion for victims, intentions to locate PPE, COVID-19 tests or treatment for the virus, and financial support to improve our wellbeing. Phishing is only one of the social engineering techniques utalized to obtain access to personal information.
  3. Web attacks are becoming more frequent: as we search for information online, use video conferences and personal internet connections, the chances of being hacked increase. 



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