Cyber Security Employment Report

Cyber Security Employment Report

Our life is highly digital. Any sphere benefiting from digitalization has to be treated dually - as a great gift and a source of dangerous threats. Today we’re going to speak about people who work hard to safeguard users of cyberspace.


In our cyber security employment report, we’ll look at the current situation on the market and the jobs that stand behind this general term of a cyber security expert.

Cyber Security as Prestigious Field

As we’ve already mentioned, the benefits of the digital world come with an extra price for those who ignore cyber security. 


After the pandemic led to the unprecedented number of remote or hybrid workplaces establishment, cyber security started to be a priority for fast-increasing numbers of businesses. Cyber security is undoubtedly a prestigious field for talented specialists. Moreover, its status is going to only increase because the digital world is changing; businesses are growing and expanding, which makes business owners become more concerned about safety and guarantees as they have more at stake.


Cyber security is a growing market whose global potential is estimated at $200+ billion, with more than a million available jobs. And this gap can’t be filled. The scarcity of talented cyber security specialists and ever-growing cyber security provoke an increasing demand impossible to satisfy and, at the same time, raise the prestige and value of the field.

Cyber Security Employment: Jobs

General Requirements for Cyber Security Specialists 

Cyber security specialists belong to a wider group of IT specialists. As with all IT jobs, cyber security jobs range from entry levels to more advanced. For entry-level jobs, basic education and some specific certification may be enough. However, higher positions require more profound knowledge, qualification and experience.


Cyber security specialists serve an ever-growing field which changes every day. No matter which level, these specialists need to be prepared to constantly learn new things fast. The eagerness to learn and grow will lead them to new heights. 

Top Cyber Security Jobs 

Some of the most wanted cyber security jobs include:


  • cyber security consultant
  • cyber security analyst
  • computer forensics analyst
  • malware analyst
  • application security engineer
  • network engineer
  • systems engineer
  • security architect
  • cyber security manager
  • penetration tester
  • software developer
  • cloud security specialist
  • database administrator
  • incident manager
  • IT director
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) 


As you can see, the jobs vary from more specific to managing positions. Responsibilities and prior knowledge are different too.

Cyber Security Employment Challenges

A number of challenges await a company in need of cyber security experts. First, the demand greatly exceeds supply, and this tendency is going to get only worse. It is bad news for hiring companies, but an opportunity for cyber security talents or those who’d like to step on this path.


Then, time is also an enemy of cyber security employment. The demand grows, and the shortage increases. However, it is very time-consuming to educate and make a promising employee who also needs to obtain experience and get proper expertise.


This prospective and prestigious job requires almost 24/7 commitment. Many cyber security specialists are under much stress and, at some point, feel burnout. It is a major reason for the experts to leave their jobs. 

Cyber Security Industry

The cyber security industry is seen as a long-lasting prospective field with trusted cyber security experts like MBS Tech always having loads of work. For specialists, it is a prospective field where you need to work hard and continually improve. For business owners, a talented cyber security expert is a cost-efficient investment guaranteeing growth.


In this post, we slightly introduced you to what is inside our field. For more information and practical tips, please, navigate our blog. And you can always reach out to our team and receive personalized services if needed.



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