Cyber ​​Recovery vs Disaster Recovery – Saving Data in Priority

Cyber ​​Recovery vs Disaster Recovery

The problems with data recovery and saving are the most understandable and familiar to any digital user. From the accidental deletion of important files to the loss of information due to cyber threats, it can be frustrating and critically impact all areas of life. Nevertheless, modern experts are trying to please with news about data recovery possibilities. Let's talk today about the reality of this activity and the essential nuances that arise due to the difference between cyber recovery vs disaster recovery.

All You Need to Know About Cyber Recovery vs Disaster Recovery

It is logical to assume that different ways of losing and recovering data can occur under different circumstances. However, many methods of restoring and maintaining business processes perfectly complement and reinforce each other. For example, cyber recovery vs disaster recovery differ dramatically in terms of requirements, tactical actions, and management. However, they pursue the same goal – to ensure the safety of data and their rapid recovery in case of loss.

What is Data Disaster Recovery

Round-the-clock access to high-performance processes is a part of our daily routine, to which our customers and we have long been accustomed. And the more this is embedded in our work, the more damage can cause even the most short-term disconnection from the network. Another question is how such situations can arise – due to an external cyber attack, an insider threat, or after a natural disaster.

However, we will explain the reasons for data loss later. It is vital to restore the digital processes that ensure business continuity urgently. It is the task of disaster recovery, using a mirror copy of the infrastructure remotely to maintain the health of your assets.

What Does Cyber Recovery Mean Then?

Phew, we managed to deal with the incident and restore the functionality of the digital environment. It is time to think about the reasons for what happened and how can lost data be recovered. And this is where a cyber recovery plan comes to the rescue, allowing not only to save valuable digital assets but also to ensure an acceptable level of security before starting a backup. It is crucial if the crash resulted from a cyber attack and the attackers still have access to your network.

In addition, this type of data recovery includes collecting evidence, finding the root causes of an accident, and obtaining and analyzing the information necessary to prevent similar situations in the future.  

How Can Lost Data Be Recovered

Indeed, you might initially think there is versatile data loss recovery software to work with lost files. It is partly the right idea, but such utilities can only work with physical storage media, performing in-place recovery. But what if, as a result of an incident, information in cloud storage or the entire infrastructure was damaged? The success of this restore is affected by the availability of sync points and backup files.

The bad news is that if there are no backups, you will risk remaining without the possibility of data recovery. The good news is that a well-designed business system generates and saves them automatically, even if you didn't know it. Do not panic. Hurry first to contact your IT specialists to clarify the details. After the incident, consider the need for a carefully thought-out data recovery plan.

How Much Data Recovery Cost and How to Save On It

Being in similar situations repeatedly, we can effortlessly put ourselves in the place of ordinary users. No matter how much data recovery cost, it will be nothing compared to saving priceless digital assets. However, enough general reasoning, let's think practically.

The final cost of expert data recovery services depends on the work's volume and complexity. So get ready for an embarrassing check if you need to recover a few terabytes of information from a remote server. Another reason to take care of timely backups and thoughtful security system design, isn't it?

Final Words

Although the functionality of modern solutions for cyber recovery vs disaster recovery is wide and varied, they are not always enough for a complete recovery. It is also affected by the deletion method, the type of corrupted files, and the storage environment. Therefore, always remember the need for comprehensive protection of your data and regular backups. You can also entrust information security tasks to specialists from MBS Tech Services. For many years we have been delivering the best data storage solutions to provide comprehensive support for businesses and individuals. Increase the productivity of your workflows with our best cyber security experts! Our favoriye one - IBM Safeguarded Copy for the IBM FlashSystem family - automatically creates data copies in "immutable snapshots" that are securely isolated within the system and cannot be accessed or altered by unauthorized users.



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