Co-managed MBS Tech Support for SIEM and QRadar

If you are using a The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, such as IBM QRadar, to manage your company’s cybersecurity, but you are not sure about its efficiency, you should consider co-managed SIEM support. In this post, we are going to look at why a co-managed solution is the better option for your organization and how MBS can help you reach the full potential of your cyber defense.

What Is a Co-Managed SIEM and Why Does Your Company Need It?

SIEM process is quite straightforward. At its core, it is data aggregation and analytics of all the information collected from the organization’s IT infrastructure. These can be failed login attempts, Firewall events, alerts on attack events, malware detection, etc. In the end, a security analyst can access the data from a single interface to identify threats, cyberattacks, and security breaches.

When you opt for co-managed SIEM, you partially outsource the support to a cybersecurity company. This is the best solution for those organizations that are reluctant to give away control over their IT operations to a third-party company. 

Another big reason why co-management of SIEM is a great option is that it is more cost-efficient for your company. First and foremost, you don’t have to constantly retrain your staff in order to keep up with forever changing technologies. But also, failing to keep up can actually cost your organization more in the long run than choosing the co-managed SIEM option.

Co-Managed SIEM Support from MBS Techservices

MBS Techservices co-managed SIEM support comes with cutting-edge tools, resources,  and experience. We know how to help your organization protect your IT network from unwanted security breaches and threats and make the most of SIEM. 

We will enhance your system design, help you select and set up technology that is specific to your organization and requirements, as well as optimize and configure the software. You will reap the benefits of being completely protected from cyber threats and not having to allocate any resources on your part.

Let us guide you through all the services we offer and help you pick the most appropriate ones.

We will analyze your current SIEM deployment

Perfect for companies that deploy SIEM but are still on the fence about the co-managed SIEM option. We will thoroughly study your current SIEM deployment and configuration and present the findings in a workshop format. The practical aspect of this format provides a clear overview and understanding of the capabilities and the gaps of your current solution. In the end, we offer a proposal with a tailored solution for the optimization and configuration of your SIEM platform as well as possible new technology for integration.

We will offer ways to optimize your SIEM solution

The optimization services are offered as the next logical step after completing the workshop. We will implement all the solutions laid out in the proposal presented at the workshop. Our optimization services include system design, cloud integration, offense tuning, workflow, analysis, etc. The ultimate goal is to help mature your current SIEM solution to give you the level of cybersecurity your organization requires to fully protect your digital assets.

We provide ongoing co-managed SIEM support

If you are looking for a way to integrate SIEM with your IT infrastructure, this is the best option. We will set up the system, help you start threat monitoring, perform investigations, and work with cybersecurity incidents. Our dedicated specialists will work together with your team, adjusting to any changes that occur with the data or technology, fine-tune policies, help prevent false positives, and more.

We consult on security intelligence and operation

If your organization is only looking into the co-managed SIEM option or needs advisory services, you can opt for your SIOC services. The consulting we offer is tailored to your company’s specific needs. If you look for possible SIEM integrations that will be beneficial to your organization, consider cloud technologies or SaaS application for your SIEM solution, need vulnerability scanner integration, or anything else, we will work with your particular requests.

We believe that co-managed SIEM is the best solution for any organization that wants to have the most effective cybersecurity solution. Going with MBS for your SIEM support will not only enhance your current deployment but will also save you finances and resources.



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