Co-Managed SIEM – Cost-Effective Solution with Many Benefits

Co-Managed SIEM

Modern companies and individuals are increasingly dependent on the continuity and correctness of the processing and transmission of large amounts of information. Along with this, there is a growing need for tools for analyzing processes in real-time to ensure comprehensive data protection. Using managed and co-managed SIEM systems is one of the most successful and practical solutions to this problem.

What is Co-Managed SIEM – Some Things That You Should Know

We will not get tired of talking about SIEM and sharing with our readers the novelties and advantages of modern cyber security solutions. However, today we would like to focus on the co-managed SIEM service and its benefits for business. If you are interested in learning about what this technology is and how you can implement it, please read the helpful information in addition:

Well, let's move on to discussing co-managed SIEM directly. This solution is not so much a service as a mutually beneficial partnership that involves delegating SIEM management to invited experts. Moreover, this enables business owners to implement both a complete transfer of authority and a hybrid approach. It is incredibly convenient when full outsourcing is impossible for several reasons.  

Benefits Available With Co-Managed SIEM Service

The popularity of co-managed SIEM is constantly growing, as high-quality and uninterrupted management independently can be too expensive and difficult to maintain and continuously monitor. Moreover, this is true not only for small businesses due to a limited budget but also for large companies due to the complexity and many processes. Transferring access to SIEM to experienced specialists allows you to minimize the cost of supporting the solution and maximize its benefits:

  • You save up to 70% of your valuable time planning SIEM architecture, deployment, and scaling.
  • You also save resources on co-managed SIEM support, including installations, regular updates, and scheduled maintenance.
  • You get more opportunities for optimization and expansion of functionality, allowing you to go beyond the capabilities of classic software.

A co-managed SIEM service is an extension of your IT staff with well-trained cyber security experts. With vast experience in the industry, they can help analyze events and alerts and tailor solutions to individual requirements and needs. For example, MBS engineers often deal with developing new correlation rules, generating reports based on information analysis with SIEM, and incorporating this into the planning and implementation of cyber defense strategies.

How Much Does SIEM Cost – Managed vs. Co-Managed SIEM

As with implementing any other software, the cost of SIEM may vary depending on the chosen product and options. It is logical to assume that a managed SIEM will cost less than a co-managed SIEM service that needs more professional experience, knowledge & tools. However, we always recommend focusing not on the initial budget but on your current opportunities for adjustment:

  • Managed SIEM is practical and effective for technical companies or businesses that have a team of experienced IT specialists on staff. Even better, if they had prior experience with this and could independently configure the system and methods of generating reports.
  • Co-managed SIEM is a more expensive outsourcing option since you pay not only for the purchase of software but also for the services of third-party specialists. However, you will not need to spend resources on training your staff and adapting the product to your rules and needs.

You can also find out how much does SIEM costs for your specific application by contacting our engineers right now.

Why is Co-Managed SIEM Better

Business information systems have long ceased to be narrow mountain streams with a consistent and predictable flow. Now it is enormous waterfalls with many parallel threads and processes involving many solutions, tools & equipment. Regular IT specialists often do not have enough time and physical resources to cover everything. Choosing a co-managed SIEM makes your employees' lives easier and increases their work efficiency dramatically.

Co-managed SIEM support from MBS Tech Services is in great demand among the many of our digital cyber security solutions and services. Many clients have commented on the fantastic benefits of our optimization and customization achievements. They allow us to seamlessly integrate SIEM into your existing security systems, ensure effective interaction, and adjust it to solve specific business problems. We are specialized in supporting IBM SIEM Platform - QRadar.



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