Let the Hunt Begin: Bug Bounty Programs vs. IBM Pentesting

Cyber security is the field needing constant concentration, updating, and various skills and qualifications to fulfil more and more challenging tasks occurring almost every day.  Here we'd like to look into a cunning and beneficial way of discovering cyber security gaps - bug bounty programs vs. Pentesting provided by IBM.

What Is a Bug Bounty Program?

Bug bounty programs represent some sort of a contest for researchers of different fields and occupations (starting from professional data analysts, ending with amateur programmers, IT specialists, or ordinary users, depending on the bugs' nature) to find and report bugs in systems - especially concerning cyber security vulnerabilities. The cyber security threats investigation is an essential direction of bug bounty programs, also known as a vulnerability reward program (VRP).

Who Benefits from Bug Bounty Programs?

Alluring Prospects of Bug Bounties

Many well-known organizations launch bug bounty programs and may spend millions of dollars. Among VRP organizers, you may find the companies famous worldwide for the Internet and IT services, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Paypal, Snapchat, Twitter, Yahoo, Zoom, and many more. They set conditions and rewards systems, including non-financial rewards such as high recognition in the field, job opportunities, as well as money. 

The sums vary considerably, e.g. Apple's supposed security bounty ranges from a $5,000 minimum payout to $1,000,000 for critical issues. The biggest payout suggested at bug bounty programs is currently $1.5 million, but cyber security matters change so fast that the sum can also be beaten. Famous IT companies pay an average sum of $500 for an ordinary security bug with a report done appropriately. Publicly known top bounties start from $200,000+ for an outstanding one time job. 

So, lucky bug hunters get financial gains and other substantial advantages for their excellent job. And by bug hunters we mean not only individuals but teams, companies and even entire hacker-powered security platforms, constantly helping organizations.

Those Standing behind Bug Bounty Programs

And, of course, the organizers of bug bounty programs benefit from the deals even more. Most vulnerability reward programs serve to test out systems or preview versions that haven't gone to the public yet. In that case, the organizers minimize potential risks of data breaches and cyber attacks, which could lead to such negative consequences as bans and enormous fines for data leaks and non-compliance with particular data privacy regulations and other much more serious troubles.

Moreover, military agencies and governments also frequently avail themselves of bug bounty hunters’ services to uncover digital vulnerabilities in their digital systems. And adopting this vulnerability disclosure practice is more and more frequent. Here you can only imagine what crucial data is at stake.

Should You Try Bug Bounty Programs?

Answering Promising Bounty Hunters

If you are considering the possibility of participation in a bug bounty program, find more information about it: go to a particular bug bounty program website, read their terms and conditions, be ready for writing thorough reports and other essential steps of justifying and presenting your results. And, of course, go and try it.

For Businesses and Organizations As Bug Bounty Programs' Organizers 

We recommend utilizing reputable experts' services and solutions on a regular basis so that you minimize the risks of vulnerabilities. Bug bounty programs can serve as an additional source of ideas only in the case you're almost completely certain your cyber security system is not that far from flawless. Otherwise, you may become a real bait with your actions leading to a data breach or other severe troubles and consequences.

What Are They All about in the End?

Many results of bug bounty programs are available to the workers of the cyber security field. Security specialists and VRP organizers share their findings by reporting high-quality vulnerabilities at international conferences and other educational meetings, reputable online media outlets, and the sources valued in the cyber security field. 

Consider Hiring an Established Provider ?

The ultimate purpose of bug bounty programs is to put the lessons into practice to fight back real hacking attacks. Meanwhile, these programs can be replaced with an established and structured service -  Pentest. Pentesting identified all vulnerabiltiies and security gaps that go beyond bug bounty programs. Within a very short period of time,  a team of cyber security professionals can promptly identify all risks associated with cyber security and develop recommendations on how to eliminate these threats. IBM's pentestors are some of the most sought after in the industry offering an unsurpassed experiemce. Contact MBS Tech to lear more about these pentesting services and how to procure one. 



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