Best Cyber Defence Final Step: How to Stay Cyber Conscious

Best Cyber Defence

Year by year, our life goes on, but some things never change. We all acknowledge the privilege we get with going online as individuals or business owners, but we also keep forgetting that we shouldn’t take it for granted. We should respect the digital environment with all its pros and cons. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss one of the best cyber defence practices - how to stay cyber conscious and safe.

Why Stay Cyber Conscious?

Starting as Babies Exploring the World

Our first access to the web resembles a baby's investigation of the world. You’re full of interest and ready to experiment. You learn from your mistakes. The essential difference between an Internet explorer and a baby is that the latter has got parents to protect them from the dangers of the world. Who do we have? In cases with adults, we’ve got ourselves, and that is all you need as we’re smart enough to access the necessary information. Meanwhile, kids and seniors may need extra assistance.


Staying cyber conscious is vital in the world of the Internet. It represents a set of precautions, rules, and practices that can help take advantage of the digital world with fewer negative consequences. Proper measures may even help you avoid any cyber-related troubles. As with a baby explorer, parents set limiting play pens, smooth sharp edges, etc., to protect their child; in the Internet, you avoid clicking unknown links, sharing personal data with strangers, etc., to safeguard yourselves.

Internet Grows and Spreads

One more reason why everybody needs to be cyber conscious is that the Internet grows and spreads at a tremendous speed. Many people think of the Internet as of several web pages or a search engine, but the Internet is practically everywhere, and its scopes are unimaginable. Meanwhile, some sort of chaos goes side by side with the unreal scales. It is impossible to thoroughly control every inch of the network of networks. And cyber protection is your role if you’d like to succeed.

How to Stay Cyber Conscious 

Prioritize Cyber Defense

Now that you know that staying cyber conscious is crucial, let’s figure out how to ensure the best cyber defence.


The first reassuring thing concerning keeping cyber safe is that it is in your power. Once properly prepared and remaining cyber conscious, you may fear almost nothing. However, it isn’t easy to build a scalable strategy on your own.


Luckily, there are options to consider for all Internet users - from individuals to large corporations. The first is to delegate your cyber defence to cyber security experts such as MBS Techservices - partially or wholly. The second option is to utilize up-to-date cyber defence solutions. Both options can do well with business entities. Then, there is a longer and tougher way (depending on the scope), which is to learn and implement by yourselves. The last works well for individual cyber defence but can be perfectly complemented by one-time or regular cyber security training.

Stay Cyber Conscious

If the question of cyber defence is generally solved, please, keep in mind that it isn’t a one-time practice you can forget about once implemented. Internet users should always stay cyber conscious. 


It isn’t as complicated as it may sound. Once you know what to do, the activities become a part of your routine, or we may call it cyber conscious culture. 


So, how to stay cyber conscious?


  • Know your enemy. Study the most common types of cybercrime and particular measures against them from time to time.
  • Secure all your accounts with maximal effort. Study the best authentication options, etc.
  • Utilize up-to-date, proven apps and other solutions and regularly upgrade them. It doesn’t concern cyber security products only; any Internet-related software contains some cyber security defence that has to evolve.
  • Be careful with the public Internet. Never share sensitive data or perform any serious operations within unreliable networks that aren’t trustworthy. 
  • Use cyber hygiene practices. Don’t go where you’re not supposed to, don’t share too much about yourselves, create backups regularly, etc.
  • Implement thoughtful engagement. Think twice before engaging with unknown sources - clicking links, opening SMS, responding to strangers, sharing private data, etc. 
  • Be extremely careful once you use devices you don’t possess. Try to avoid using other people’s devices or, if impossible, don’t share your sensitive data there and clean everything with extra caution.


Staying cyber conscious is all about automation and mindfulness. It can finalize the best cyber defence and guarantee peace in gaining what you need from the online world. We hope you’ll stay cyber safe. Reach out to us if you need more help. 




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