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IBM Solutions for Privileged Access Management

Get to know the best Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions to ensure cyber safety and bring user comfort. We’ll introduce tried and tested ways to secure the most sensitive data with IBM solutions that offer golden standards of functionality as well as superb user experience.

What Is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Every company has a division of authority inside its cyber architecture with a limited circle of users or accounts to authorize and perform crucial functions. Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a set of security measures providing access to privileged users’ activities. With these measures, companies can manage, check and analyze the behaviour and authority power of the users who can act in the direction relevant to cyber security.


As usual, there is the way the company’s infrastructure should function, and there is this reality that cyber security companies face. Most companies have no idea to what extent privileged access spreads. As our experience shows, the amount of privileged accounts tends to be much more excessive than it should be or what the people in charge expect. 

More about Privileged Users

A system of privileged accounts presents a hierarchy where some users obtain rights that can jeopardize the whole company once they are vulnerable or exposed. Most companies are highly dependent on the smooth functioning of privileged accounts, which makes the users or accounts with privileged access a tempting target for malicious actors. However, many organizations do not turn to experts to scan or build a harmonious and safe privileged access architecture and manage the system properly, which cyber security experts find unfortunate. 

Types of Privileged Accounts

Companies may become easy hackers’ targets without due attention to their privileged access architecture. Cyber security experts like MBS Tech or high-end solutions can dig into the system, discover all vulnerable spots and help build a new safe system out of the existing structure.


The number of privileged accounts can be enormous, far more than the number of subsystems to control, as, for example, external users such as third party organizations are often involved. That is why it is essential to classify privileged users according to the real necessity of their status and the potential harm they can do.


We advise paying considerable attention to the privileged users whose poor defence can lead to catastrophic consequences. These are domain admin (having full access to the entire architecture), domain service (covering multiple systems), local administrators (often treated without due respect, unfortunately), emergency and those accessing sensitive data.

IBM’s PAM Is to Help

Fortunately, it is not obligatory to learn all details about the critical field of privileged access handling as there are two guaranteed ways to ensure total success. You can reach out to specially trained experts in MBS Tech, or if you’d like to retain more control, go for a proven PAM solution. 

What Features to Seek out in a Proper PAM Solution

Please, study the key features of the PAM solution you should pick:


  • The possibility of covering all privileged accounts according to their potential threat status
  • Protecting endpoints and privileged credentials
  • Most up-to-date cyber security measures built-in
  • Necessary level of automation
  • Needed integrative opportunities
  • User satisfaction - fast deployment and easy to use
  • Scalability
  • Customization

IBM PAM Solution: Pushing Safety to Its Limits

IBM Security Secret Server is a perfect PAM solution to keep the entire company’s system under control. The solution helps organizations ensure that no constituent of the system can be left unseen or without proper monitoring - from root accounts to particular applications. The solution contributes to security policy compliance. It is fast and easy to use.


IBM PAM solution functions on premises and in the cloud. It manages passwords, servers, applications, SSL certificates, license keys, spreadsheets, etc. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface facilitates monitoring and scanning.


This PAM solution offers a smart customizable notification and alert system as well as varied reporting and schedule settings. Moreover, as with any IBM product, the PAM solution features high integrative possibilities.


If there are still questions about PAM to be answered or any other request for more information about our solutions and services, we’ll gladly help. Let’s keep your company cyber safe.



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