Giant Collaboration Platform and Poor Cyber Security

Collaboration Platform and Poor Cyber Security

The current boom in remote work makes more and more individuals and businesses look for the best online solutions to utilize for work. As cyber security experts, we’d like to highlight that the best solutions need to feature a proper cyber security state too. Collaboration platforms’ cyber security seems to be the most significant concern these days. Here we’d like to clarify this aspect in one of the most popular meeting solutions for business collaboration - Zoom.

Is Cyber Security of Video Conferencing Growing?

Since 2019, video online meeting solutions have thrived in the environment of the hybrid workforce’s unprecedented conditions. However, 2019 and 2020 showed all possible vulnerable spots in such solutions. With many more people using video conferencing, this field became very enticing for malicious actors too. The first reaction to the sharp rise of online meeting solution demands was about increasing capacities and functionality without much attention to cyber security. That is why the world suffered from hackers’ activities during this period, and many news headlines were about yet another serious breach in the field.

2021 and now 2022 are about fighting cybercrime caused by remote work performance issues. We went the path from experimenting and investigating to implementing and safeguarding. We were not ready when the pandemic came, and the decisions made in the hybrid work space were not always in the best interests of cyber security. Now is the time when we understand that this hybrid work environment will stay with us for very long. A poor cyber security state can make a video conferencing solution fail and disappear, but many people and businesses will suffer before that. And this field’s vendors realize that they are facing the best financial opportunities ever with current and future skyrocketing demand and what’s at stake. But do online meeting companies do their best to keep their assets and clients cyber safe? Recent headlines about the most popular video conferencing solutions and their cyber security issues state that they don’t.

Zoom Cyber Security Issues

We chose Zoom as it’s among the most common video conferencing platforms utilized all over the world by individuals, non-profit organizations, educational establishments and businesses. It will have an incredible impact in case of massive cyber attacks. However, it is fair to mention that any other online meeting solution has to realize its responsibility to implement effective cyber security measures and constantly improve its infrastructure.

2021’s Pwn2Own (bug bounty program sponsored by Zoom) revealed that this platform has a fully remote attack surface. The most alarming thing exposed was some lack of end-to-end encryption that can ensure the most secure online communication. Bug-hunting initiative’s results were reported to Zoom, and vulnerabilities were fixed.  

Collaboration Platforms: How to Fight Social Engineering

Meanwhile, even without compromising Zoom, malicious phishing scam activities (spoofed Zoom emails, etc.) based on collaboration platforms are extremely common and can lead to much harm. We’re used to clicking on links that lead to Zoom conferences without any doubts, and threat actors got used to taking advantage of our instincts. Experts say that social engineering is far from its end because it’s a productive and easy way for hackers to get what they want. Moreover, malicious techniques are getting more sophisticated and can deceive more and more victims. 

Fighting social engineering should start with raising users’ cyber security awareness. Their cautiousness plays the most crucial role in risk mitigation, especially when businesses work according to BYOD (bring your own device) principle. Companies can achieve good results if they set up expert cyber security training held by professionals at MBS Tech or other reputable cyber security firms. You should have the training and present some sort of assessment and feedback on a regular basis.

On the other hand, businesses should safeguard all assets and components of their infrastructure. A company’s cyber security is as weak as its most irrelevant component. Here, expert help turns out to be a cost-effective investment. Our team can analyze your infrastructure and offer the most suitable and relevant solutions to enhance your collaborative capabilities and much more.



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