Co-managed MBS Tech Services for IBM

IBM offers top solutions for cybersecurity in the industry. MBS Techservices provides co-managed support for IBM, allowing you to stay on top of your cybersecurity without having to rely on additional staff and resources. We always start by reviewing and benchmarking the systems used. As soon as we see the whole picture, we come up with the most suitable solution that we can operate monthly or annually, depending on your company’s needs.

IBM QRadar® - Deployment, Monitoring, Optimization

If your company needs an advanced security solution for better security operations and the ability to address threats through different workflows, then IBM QRadar® is the best option available in the market.  MBS Techservices’ team will deploy QRadar with your current IT infrastructure with subsequent monitoring, allowing us to respond to incidents and tweak the platform’s performance according to any emerging changes. This is a turn-key solution provided on-premise or on cloud (QRoC).

If your company already deploys the QRadar platform but you need an assessment of its performance and capabilities, we have optimization services. The goal is to provide ongoing enhancement of the platform’s usage according to your changing needs. These enhancements may include system design optimization, cloud integration, offense tuning, workflows, analytics, and more.

IBM Cloud Pak® - Cutting-Edge Platform to Boost Your Security

IBM Cloud Pak® for Security is a platform that helps companies manage their digital assets from one convenient tool regardless of whether the data is stored on-premise, across multiple cloud environments, or in some other tools. Previously, in order to keep every bit of data accounted for and not miss any security threats, organizations had to implement expensive integrations into their existing tools. With IBM Cloud Pak® for Security, you can aggregate data from all your data sources to have better insights into your security events.

MBS experts can help you deploy and set up the IBM Cloud Pak® for Security solution. We will integrate all your organization’s data sources and IT infrastructure into the platform to allow you to start making better decisions based on in-depth risk assessment.

IBM X-Force® - Set Up Your State-of-the-Art Collaboration Platform

If you need one comprehensive tool that will allow you to share threat intelligence, IBM X-Force® Exchange is the solution for you. It is a cloud-based platform that your organization can use to search, comment, collect, and share your security intelligence. It is one of the best prevention tools that can be easily integrated with your current security solution.

MBS Tech analysts can help you have a head start when it comes to threat detection and investigation. We will set up your Enterprise API, Threat Intelligence, and Advanced Threat Protection Feed.

In a world where organizations depend on their digital assets, co-managed IT services have become essential. They allow companies to increase productivity, focus on their business goals, and save resources without worrying about their IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. MBS Tech allows organizations to use IBM security solutions without having to allocate or retrain additional staff to integrate, optimize, and provide ongoing adjustments of the platforms.



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