Business Cyber Security Predictions for 2022

Cyber Security Predictions for 2022

2021 was a tough year for cyber security. It featured unprecedented cyber attacks, unseen hacker tricks, sky-high payouts, incredible rises in supply chain attacks and other upsetting trends. Cyber security experts managed to cope with most trouble areas, but there is still much work to do. And all of us are curious and hopeful about what 2022 is going to be for businesses in the cyber security aspect. Let’s have a look at some business cyber security predictions for 2022.

What Won’t Change? 

Cyber security “futurologists” believe that 2022 will stay the same in the way malicious actors exploit the pandemic changes and restrictions as well as remote or hybrid work environments. We're a long way off stable, robust cyber security for all businesses; that is why business cyber security predictions for 2022 won’t be about winning the fight against hackers (or even overwhelming them much). However, the world is on the right track, and cyber experts at MBS Tech and other reputable cyber security professionals in the field do everything possible to safeguard businesses and individuals.

Top Threats for Business

So, the one thing most cyber security experts agree about is that malicious activity will only grow. Let’s try to be more specific. The increase of data breaches is among the top issues whose likelihood is close to 100%. Therefore, the list of top cyber security threats most companies will face is helpful for business owners to get ready.

The same disturbing record-breaker tops the list. Ransomware attacks have shown unprecedented results over the years. They are among the most dangerous and meanest threats businesses will face this year. Then, cyber attacks, less in number but more in progress if compared to the previous years, take second place. Cyber security experts predict that 2021’s considerable increase of supply chain attacks started a trend for several years, at the very minimum.

As you can see, the two top threats remain the same, but the progress and intensity will be even more intimidating. 2021’s H2 already showed us unprecedented malicious tricks and became a foundation for continuous hacking opportunities.

More Business Cyber Security Predictions for 2022

Cloud technologies will face more attacks by cybercriminals. This year businesses need to invest in the most up-to-date tools to secure their cloud activities. The MBS Tech team can offer multiple solutions that have proven to perform the best for enterprises.

IoT (Internet of Things) cyber attacks may increase significantly. Companies that utilize these progressive technologies should remember that their current cyber security condition isn’t perfect. Alone or with expert help, the network should undergo checks to detect existing or potential vulnerabilities and other threats.

Hackers will definitely continue to exploit the COVID-19 situation utilizing even more sophisticated strategies and tools. 

And don’t forget about less complicated but not less huge in the impact cyber attacks targeting individuals and companies - phishing, credential stuffing, etc. These sort of low-level threats may result in very negative consequences. Corporate cyber security is as strong as the simplest constituent or chain link. Every employee or vulnerability can potentially cost a company everything.

Luckily, more and more countries will promote the fight against cyber criminals on the state level with legislative measures.

Forewarned, Forearmed

How does it all help? Knowing the most common business cyber security predictions for 2022 can be a clue to getting fully prepared to fight back and safeguard business assets. The best way to stay cyber safe is by delegating cyber security (all or particular fields) to reliable experts at MBS Tech. Reach out to our team, who will consult on all or any measures matching your needs and expectations the best. 



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