Things to Know About Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Before discussing this system, we first explain what endpoint management is and why its usage makes a difference in IT.


Unified endpoint management is a system that allows managing mobile device utility remotely. Simply put, you decide whether your gadget will be used for a class of functions or your chosen purpose. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, as endpoint management has a myriad of features and hidden options. Let’s reveal them together to discover what this system is capable of.


Main Features and Capabilities of Unified Endpoint Management

We highlight the main features of Unified Endpoint Management that will make a difference for the clients.


  • Multiple endpoint management integration.


The system is set to work across several platforms, including Windows 10, Linux, Mac OS, etc. Unified Endpoint Management and security functions allow control, configure, and monitor multiple devices from a single console. There is also a small bonus, as endpoint management makes cross-platform migration easier.


  • Keeping corporate data and apps secured.


Whether you work with sensitive company data and applications requiring conditional user access, you will have an automated rules enforcement option and complete guidelines about each step users should consider. In addition, there are safeguards implemented in this management system to prevent data losses. 


  • Upgrading Desktop Management.


The main feature that lies behind such upgrades is in desktop systems transformation. It allows us to perform all the operations securely, including cloud policy management. 


  • Cost Reduction.


By implementing this feature, you low overhead costs and hardware expenses without risks. A system like Microsoft 365 Unified Endpoint Management allows you to spend funds freely.


  • Learning and Integrating Inside The System.


Uploaded functions allow UEM to integrate deep inside the AI or a machine to collect information. This allows to find new security approaches and present recommendations.


The main idea at this point is to use a zero-trust framework with multi-factor authentication, forcing intruders to back off.

Trends Of Unified Endpoint Management Services

The UEM market size, share, and trends report shows that the global market is growing. We may see a compound annual growth rate of 32,2% from 2020 to 2027. It’s not nonsense, as rapidly increasing BYOD practices allow users to search for new sharing systems. In addition, company employees and individuals want to have safe data management and complex protection algorithms simultaneously.


The UEM market is strengthening in the upcoming years, so users may not worry about potential cyber threats. However, hackers improve their tactics, and so do developers.

Have A Look At UEM In Comparison

To make organizations more effective, businesses try different resources. High mobility, data management, and increased protection are vital. All these points are critical, and several practices are tested to find the best approach. Now, we will have a look at Unified Endpoint Management compared with Mobile Device Management (MGM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).


The main feature of each management tool is its capability to manage specific tools. MDM offers full device deployment, management, and control on smartphones and tablets. It doesn’t matter whether it’s personal or corporate. The system will work with both types.


EMM takes advantage as it has all the MDM features but has some new things. For example, you now have Mobile Security Management, Identify and Access Management, Mobile Content Management, and other cool things. Moreover, EMM covers bigger data gaps that need to be secured.


Unified Endpoint Management surpasses both management tools as it makes a step forward. With it, you can manage PCs, rugged devices, wearables, etc. Manage tools with features to control and track all endpoints. Its flexibility and simplicity make it a definite advantage as UEM becomes usable for all types of businesses. If you have a tool with the main features of other tools combined but upgraded and optimized, why not use it?

Try UEM Today And Give Your System a Higher Performance

Management systems evolve, and users always search for better approaches for their systems and databases. Old tools become useless when new technologies appear, but we must implement them correctly. So, are you interested in trying UEM with higher mobility? MBS specialists will help you. Get a solution, like IBM MaaS360 and free yourself from potential risks.



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