Report on Cyber Security Trends in 2021

As the year 2021 is over, we’d like to sum up with some of the most remarkable cyber security trends in 2021 we shared with you. Many worrisome events happened in the cyber security field. Cyber security transformed as the world changed and will never be the same. The changes opened opportunities for both good and bad cyber world users. We have nothing to do but come to conclusions, learn and react fast to the new reality, and, eventually, get what we deserve.

Biggest Ransomware Attacks Ever

Ransomware attacks are the cyber world's number one concern. We’re now witnessing unseen malicious actions and scopes. The majority of 2021’s most shocking headlines in the cyber security field were about ransomware attacks. With each news, we were sure that was it and could not be worse. But the next ransomware attack showed us that it could be much worse. And the more high profile it gets, the less hopeful businesses feel. Learn more about Sky-High Ransom Payouts 2021 - tens of millions of dollars and no sign of slacking off. This year showed that there is no limit at all. Luckily, the fight against ransomware features many cyber experts’ victories, but it’s far from being over.

Supply Chain Attacks Alerts

Supply chain attacks affecting businesses aren’t new to cyber security experts. However, 2021 showed this unprecedented pace. Ransomware attacks are leaders in scopes; they hold first place among all cyber attacks. Meanwhile, supply chain attacks broke the previous record hands down. More than five times more supply chain attacks than in 2020! Whereas ransomware increased by about 20%. Supply chain attacks are rightly among the most evolving cyber attacks of today's world.

Top Data Breaches

2021 is a world record breaker for data breaches. The most targeted industries include manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and government. There is one more thing in this disturbing trend. It is the lack of transparency on all levels. Private or public organizations, government or an entire country - it doesn’t matter because the revealing process of data breach occurrence is uncontrolled and non-obligatory. Hundreds of millions of accounts are exposed in each serious case, e.g. 500+ million Facebook accounts, 700 million LinkedIn users’ data, etc. Those are the ones we know, but we’re just left wondering about the actual scopes of data breaches that haven’t been uncovered yet or aren’t informed about.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Robust Cyber Security

After previous upsetting trends, we move on to the area of hope for a better cyber security future. In 2021, MFA showed a high ability to prevent and reduce the most common cyber attacks (phishing, identity thefts, online fraud, etc.). MFA isn’t a universal cure to all cyber attacks, but it performs greatly in combination with other up-to-date cyber security measures. All high-end tech companies successfully implement the technology as an obligatory part of their cyber security architecture.

Go for Cyber Security Awareness

The last but very far from the least trend that finishes this list is about more hope. The cyber threat boom is obviously accelerated by the pandemic, but this critical time only highlighted the gaps that were already there for some time. All the malicious activity happening all over us triggered a considerable rise in the cyber security awareness of ordinary users and business owners. More and more companies listen to experts, prioritize cyber security, invest in it, utilize up-to-date solutions and tools adequately. The fight against hackers is long before they’re defeated but, luckily, we are on the right track.

We hope that, with each call, consultation, blog post, service and solution, our team helps our clients come much closer to cyber safety. Enjoy the opportunities the digital age offers safely with MBS Tech’s professional help.



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