OSINT for Business and Individuals: Spheres, Challenges, Tools

What Is OSINT?

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) services represent a legal practice of gathering digital data from public sources (online media, social networks, etc.). The Internet turns to be the main source for the investigation; the target of the survey is digital footprints left by an individual, enterprise, or performers/clients interested in getting a result. MBS Tech offers a follow up service in Industrial Espionage and Insider Threat training when concerning issues are uncovered during the OSINT investigation. A large set of cyber security solutions developed by IBM, MBS Tech’s partner, is offered to counter these issues.   

The adequate OSINT technology is based on four complicated steps - Collection, Processing, Exploitation, Production. Following this sequence of thorough steps can guarantee the authenticity and reliability of the gathered data. However, the whole process is complicated and time-consuming and can be challenging even for trained data scientists.

Common OSINT Challenges

Collecting and processing data, as well as finding relevant information, isn't a straightforward and fast process, especially when performed by untrained individuals. Everything starts from thinking ahead - gathering information without breaking privacy policy requirements. 

Then, there is a frequent concern about gathering the information effectively as you work with massive amounts of data. Filtering can help here but, of course, won't make the process ideal because the rest is up to the OSINT service performer or provider.

These aren't the only issues in the way of getting legal and accurate results, but they are the most common. The only way to make the OSINT process most efficient and smooth is by delegating it to trusted cyber security professionals experienced in the field. And MBS Tech is among the best here, so we truly know all the inner and outer obstacles, hints and unconventional means to provide the most satisfactory OSINT results.

OSINT Tools 2021

Ideally, for business purposes, OSINT services should be rendered by experts in the field, such as MBS Techservices. If you choose to dig deep into OSINT and utilize its advantages for some other purposes on your own, start from a smart organization of the process. 

Here, you might find up-to-date OSINT tools rather useful. We aren't going to present a precise list of OSINT tools 2021 as it is not what really matters in this post. For the most recent OSINT tools 2021, please, surf the net or explore reliable software platforms to find the vast range of free and prepaid OSINT software offered by various developers. The first crucial thing to consider is your initial goal, as it can help identify OSINT tools fitting the best. Also, don't forget to consider cyber security threats; use reliable sources, check configuration and develop cyber awareness. Remember that, apart from efficient data gathering as a primary role, the best OSINT tools 2021 must contribute to individual and corporate cyber safety.

When Utilize OSINT?

The MBS Tech team offers OSINT for businesses (including such services as potential partnership investigation, other services for corporate human resource offices or recruitment agencies, etc.), insurance companies, as legal services (up to delivering supporting evidence in the court), and other various purposes to ensure that legitimacy and cyber security are at the highest level. Meanwhile, at our cyber security company, we don't stop at business purposes only. Individual OSINT investigation (for online presence analysis or improvement, competition investigation, personal matters and much more) is also among our services. Thus, the main directions for OSINT, based on our experience, include:

  • OSINT services for business owners - we analyze everything concerning your company and its reputation and image in different circles, as well as potential partnerships or other parties involved;
  • HR OSINT - background checks, current staff control to ensure your business's safety and security;
  • OSINT for insurance claims - cost-effective investment;
  • legal services - with the most accurate data handling procedures.

Moreover, we offer some follow-up OSINT services. To learn about them or any other aspect of OSINT, our customers can easily reach out to our devoted team and get the consultation they need.

No matter whether you utilize experts' services or try performing OSINT services for your purposes on your own, don't forget to consider cyber security issues, especially from the prospect of data regulations compliance and the truthfulness and reliability of deployed software. Take advantage of smart solutions like OSINT the digital revolution offers. Learn more about and ensure the use of robust cyber security practices and innovative tools and solutions.



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