Network Monitoring – Your Decision

If you strive for effective management and security of your computer network, monitoring is crucial. It measures specific indicators, analyzes the parameters of network traffic, and obtains the necessary information about the corporate system's state to make effective management decisions and help administrators identify potential problems. Thus, network monitoring guarantees the safety of the network and users from external and internal attacks.

Network Monitoring Methods

If you need to identify faults and errors in it on time and respond to them quickly and adequately, choose from various tools and methods to monitor the status of a digital network.

Network Management Systems (SunNetManager, HPOpenView, IBMNetView) 

They are centralized software systems collecting and analyzing information about the network processes, the operation of its hardware, and data traffic. They can also perform independently and automatically respond to changes in the operation of network equipment.

Protocol Analyzers

These software or hardware-software systems' task is to monitor and analyze network traffic, capture and decode protocols for traffic analysis, and share information with the network specialist in a convenient form.

Expert Systems

These are the databases of human knowledge that identify network incidents and possible ways to correct them. Integrated into monitoring systems, they include elements of artificial intelligence. 

Integrated Analysis and Management Systems

You can install both software and hardware modules. It is designed to control segments of communications, programs in the network, and only one device, which is its main difference from other control systems.

Cable Equipment for Testing and Certification

This method provides up-to-date data on cable networks. It consists of: 

- network monitors;

- devices for certification of cable systems;

- cable scanners;

- testers.

Free Software for Monitoring Network and Servers

Explore free programs that will surprise you with the opportunities they share.


This free program is focused on performance and convenient to use. Its design provides reliable visualization of your network with advanced reporting capabilities.


This program is relatively easy to install and configure. Thus, you can quickly obtain a graphical representation of information about the status of servers and networks. But remember that it's not easy to install, can't be used for small systems, and there is no mobile support.


This program organizes network monitoring, measures data over time, analyses network performance, and shows graphics information.


Explore a very convenient tool when working with corporate networks, where devices are constantly changing due to an excellent network map. Nevertheless, it's not easy to install, hard to learn, and can only be used only for the OS X operating system.


Enjoy a robust server with the fast and intuitive web interface of this program. It stands out due to high flexibility and integration with other applications, but it needs a time-consuming setup which can't be used for large organizations.


Install a complete system network monitoring and collecting data tool that combines multiple functions in one web console. Moreover, powerful alert settings and lots of plugins guarantee maintenance and performance for each site. Besides, there is no Windows version, dashboards, and you should be ready for work with a complex, cumbersome interface with a high computer load.


Start monitoring network traffic with the help of a useful, utterly self-contained tool written in C. Besides, you'll have fewer problems due to a fast and simple web interface.

All in all, make efforts and get all events occurring within your local network more visible, accounted for, and controlled. These free programs will monitor everything on your system, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and help you respond to potential threats on time.

Professional Network Monitoring Services

Even though there are lots of free programs and methods, it's not an easy task to monitor the system on your own. You will face difficulties in your ways, which do not guarantee appropriate results. Thus, not to push your luck, entrust your network to experts. 

MBS Techservices Inc. will help you achieve the desired results. Get rid of network incidents and cybersecurity threats: we will monitor end nodes, networks, and security service actions to ensure their compliance with applicable regulations, analyze and visualize security violations and start their investigation.



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