IBM MaaS360: Mobility as a Service Concept (MaaS) or SaaS?

Mobility as a Service Concept

The cyber-world is evolving as well as all IT technologies, and many people find it challenging to catch up with the latest trends and innovations. The right moment you think you’ve mastered the latest terminology is deceitful as more and more new directions, terms, and abbreviations appear in the sphere with the most incredible speed. And all those very similar abbreviations like CaaS, IaaS, MaaS, PaaS, SaaS,... XaaS make things even worse. In this post, we’d like to explain an issue our MBS Tech’s clients can face while choosing solutions. We’ll share a general Mobility as a Service concept and clarify what component ‘MaaS’ means in IBM MaaS360.

Mobility as a Service Concept #1: What is Mobility as a Service?

The Mobility as a Service concept has been booming for several years. It’s now known to many people and appears to have more and more potential for the future of the world. So, what is mobility as a service or MaaS? Let’s see the first  (in the order search engine’s entries appear) Mobility as a Service concept.

MaaS, aka Transportation as a Service (TaaS), or simply ‘smart mobility,’ is a progressive solution integrating mobility and transport services - public and private - into a single on-demand platform. However, Mobility as a Service concept goes far beyond digital ridesharing. It is the idea that makes us closer to smart cities - with smart tools and smart infrastructure. And it also prepares us for future autonomous mobility services.

The MBS Tech team has many thoughts about vital threats in the aspect of cyber security in the trendy MaaS developments - turning more and more massive. We’ll continue researching the MaaS state, but now we reach the central issue of the post. And we’re ready to tell you that ‘MaaS’ in the IBM MaaS360 solution has almost nothing in common with Mobility as a Service concept #1 described above. Let’s see why and what Mobility as a Service concept MaaS360 represents.   

IBM MaaS360 as SaaS - Mobility as a Service Concept #2

What Is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and represents on-demand software for businesses, mainly. It is hosted by third parties who deliver licensed software on a subscription basis. Reputable SaaS providers contribute to robust cyber security state as well as hybrid work efficiency and reduce maintenance volumes of the enterprise as their clients delegate some amount of IT responsibilities to MSPs. 

IBM MaaS360 as SaaS

The IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management is a type of SaaS. It represents an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform successfully serving businesses. As you can see, ‘mobility’ in Mobility as a Service concept #1 corresponds to transportation and vehicles, whereas ‘mobility’ in Mobility as a Service concept #2 is about mobile devices like smartphones, tablets,  laptops, wearables, and desktops. 

MBS Tech Recommends IBM MaaS360 with Watson

The IBM MaaS360 technology with Watson Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics significantly manages BYOD (bring your own device) practices and hybrid or remote workforce. It highly increases a business’s cyber security and enables enterprises to stay up to date and be ready for the challenges of the competitive online market.

Why Choose IBM MaaS360?

Here are some of the main benefits users get with IBM MaaS360.

  1. IBM MaaS360 as a cutting-edge solution. You get a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform with an AI approach.
  2. Most efficient functions and super-fast performance. MaaS360 analyzes, reports, and remediates malware on mobile devices.
  3. Containment. Businesses can protect sensitive data and efficiently comply with rigid data regulations.
  4. Single console for various devices and multiple users. Moreover, you get fantastic integration possibilities.
  5. Less burden on in-house IT team. You partially delegate IT responsibilities.
  6. It manages the most widespread operational systems. Among them there are Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, macOS, etc.
  7. Free trial. Just try it. It’s totally safe.

We hope that you now know the difference between the two Mobility as a Service concepts. Choose IBM MaaS360 to transform your business. For more details, please, reach out to the MBS Techservices team. We’ll make sure you choose the most relevant services and solutions.



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