IBM QRadar Network Monitoring - A Top-Notch Solution For Your Company

The complexity of IT changes faster than we may expect, and it’s a signal for all developers, technicians, and other specialists who are responsible for cybersecurity. Hackers and attackers don’t sleep, and they will use every chance to break into the system to steal data or provide serious damage. Any kind of break could lead to a serious problem, but you can prevent it by using available methods. However, it’s easier to say than to do, and each system has different requirements. You may try several options, but why not try the newest one? We will tell you why QRadar from IBM Network might be the one you always looked for.

Take a Closer Look at IBM QRadar

First, let’s say what is the main goal of this system. It allows technicians to use one of the most important security options - real-time visibility of the IT infrastructure. With this, you can easily detect threats and prioritize them to plan your next steps. It means that if you have multiple attacks on your system, QRardar will analyze each of them, providing a detailed description. When you know what you're gonna deal with, it’s less problematic to neutralize the danger, right? This option might help you to find out the weaker points of your defense and implement changes.

Complex Integration of IBM QRadar

When we say that QRadar is a game-changer, we do not exaggerate. There are many use cases for this network. From local company networks to cloud storage and large databases, IBM QRadar makes you prepared for any kind of attack. 

Time-Saving Feature

With the available functions, it gets much easier to operate the network because all functions are adapted to the users’ systems. Purpose-built AI adapts to the circumstances with pre-built playbooks and mapping of all incoming attacks. Even the smallest thing inside your company’s space will be detected and neutralized. All the information about the incident is saved for a deeper analysis.

User Control

QRadar analyzes activity not only from the outside but also from the inside. User Behavior Analytics performs a deep analysis and allows users to find out whether a profile is compromised or not. It also tracks strange activities (for example, if the user overdoes and does something that he never did before).

Adapted to Your Needs

It’s a mistake to underestimate the importance of successful integration. If the monitoring network doesn’t match your tools or SIEM, it will be much harder to neutralize the threat. IBM QRadar could be integrated with the most complicated systems and exist in the current environment without negative consequences. Moreover, with this network, you can monitor up to 300 servers with hundreds of authorized users. It’s a regular system load, nothing special. 

Several tests showed excellent stability, so you don’t need to worry about a possible crash. If integrating QRadar isn’t enough to protect your system, you can get a Defense Consulting from our specialists. Our technicians work with several companies at different levels, from small businesses to global corporations and federal institutions. Did something go wrong? Can’t upload something? Have troubles with specific options inside your system? These problems are not as big as you think, and with our help, they will disappear in a blink of an eye.

IBM QRadar - Buy Or Pass?

QRadar is not an ordinary feature that could be used for temporary protection. It’s a network that allows you to prevent the most dangerous threats and perform complex research on all potential and real hazards. 

Our experts will provide you with full IBM Solution Support, answering the most common questions and doing everything to make your first launch perfect. Cybersecurity is an essential part of the company’s ecosystem. Investing in this branch would be a great choice.



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