Cyber Security 2021: Old and New Issues, Time-Proved and Innovative IBM Solutions

2020 was a period of new, unpredictable living conditions and work circumstances, raising more stress in the cyber security field. The world has experienced this new reality for some time and now can adopt more efficient cyber security practices.

Businesses Prioritize Cyber Security

Starting with good news, cyber security experts report on increasing cyber resilience and prioritizing cyber security in more organizations. With more remote work, businesses finally realized the critical role of cyber resilience - a combination of adequate cyber security, business resilience and continuity - so that they could prevent or respond to a cyber attack, mitigate risks and still function even under attack.

Cyber Attackers Mastering Their Techniques

Unfortunately, cyber security is a real priority to about a quarter of businesses when a half more hasn't yet moved from understanding to implementation. Meanwhile, malicious actors don't wait. They respond to positive cyber security trends even faster than most companies in need of up-to-date security measures. Hackers alter their schemes, improve old working methods, change targets, create new battlegrounds, use indirect attacks.

Higher Ransoms and More Attacks

Ransomware attacks are among the leading types of cybercrime notorious for attacking businesses. Improving methods and using advanced tools, cyber criminals are making more and more attacks and constantly increasing ransom payouts to test how much they can get - the highest limit. And, of course, no guarantees of a "happy" end in case of paying criminals - in most examples, businesses either lose their data for good or are targeted again soon. Don't cooperate with hackers. Reach out to professionals at MBS Tech at once as time is what really matters here for experts. 

More Remote Work

Now we're shaping the future of secure remote work. The world is in search of the most efficient cyber security solutions for on-prem, cloud and hybrid collaboration.

Targeting Healthcare

The healthcare industry hasn't been so important to humanity for a long period of time. Therefore the field gets unprecedented fundings. Cyber criminals won't hesitate to use every method to obtain financial gain, spy on competing vaccine manufacturers, or make any other malicious attempt to thrive on crisis and grief. That can also become one of many proofs that there are no industries or people who can be 100% sure that cyber attackers won’t target them.     

Growing Investments in Cyber Security Innovations

Investments into innovative cybersecurity solutions to ensure advanced cyber resilience will only grow. More and more leading organizations are spending a considerable part of their budgets on finding sustainable solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and robotic automation. Now the main directions to enhance are detection and response speed and recovery time. 

Increasing Cyber Security Costs

Two significant factors contribute to higher pricing: difficult, time-consuming tasks and the shortage of experienced cyber security specialists. Meanwhile, organizations can reduce their cyber security costs if they react fast. They should analyze their security profile, establish effective cyber security policies, implement standard practices, and then get proper professional help in advance - not when it's too late: the scope is catastrophic, the work is really expensive. The most critical question business owners need to ask themselves is what is at stake. Also, they need to identify the business's key assets to ensure advanced protection for the area. The answers will define whether particular cyber security expenses are reasonable or which package to choose. 

Faster Cyber Security Services and Solutions with Positive Results

Leading cyber security experts like MBS Techservices Inc. will detect and fix breaches, react to threats, and mitigate risks more quickly. We are always cautious, analyze the current situation, and utilize the latest versions of efficient time-proved and innovative IBM solutions such as IBM Resilient SOAR platform, QRadar SIEM solution, and other leading technologies for the best cyber security performance. Also, MBS Tech offers services and solutions delivered by a team of professionals who constantly deal with cyber vulnerabilities and threats. 

The past year was challenging for the whole world. It made people reconsider their values and attitudes. Many organizations had to work much harder so they could at least make ends meet. And now the situation with businesses is getting better, but it's still far from stability. All these changes the pandemic brought to us made many companies reprioritize their structure, giving cyber security the first place. We hope that bad things will soon go away, but the idea of essential cyber resilience will stay forever. Stay healthy and cyber safe! 



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