Top Cyber Security Startup Trends to Know in 2022

Cyber Security Startup Trends

The cyber security field is developing at an incredible speed, and we’d like to keep you updated on what’s new over there. Our team utilizes both tried-and-tested and innovative solutions in our practice. And we need to keep up with the latest news and developments to implement the best in our fight against threat actors who never stop in the pursuit of their gain. Let’s have a look at top cybersecurity startup trends to know in 2022.

Cyber Security Startup Trends 

2021 showed incredible losses of financial and time resources to malicious actors targeting the most strategic companies as well as high-tech corporations. The world finally realized (or finally came very close to realizing) that none of individuals or businesses is cyber safe unless we all take cyber security seriously. The attacks on highly prepared IT companies like Microsoft that demonstrated relative hackers’ success proved cyber security isn’t about a single unit; it’s about the whole world. 2021 gave us a rough lesson and defined the future of cyber security as the #1 priority with high investment potential.

Global cyber security funding doubled in 2021 ($21+ billion) compared to 2020 and is currently on its way to skyrocketing, as many reports show. This cybersecurity-centred approach gives many opportunities to talented cyber security startup developers who are about to change their statuses to large businesses or corporations in case of good performance results. The cyber sector market is now so dynamic that any new talented members can claim credit for their success and receive what they want. So, now is the best time to innovate in the cyber security field. Here our team tries to gather general information about top cyber security startup trends to know in 2022.   

Top Cyber Security Startups

The cyber security world faces an ever-growing demand for adequate services and solutions, whereas the massive shortage of the field’s experts is only increasing. More companies are going to create cyber security teams or outsource their cyber security to MSSPs. Meanwhile, the gap between demand and supply that has already existed for several years is getting only worse. The most needed and promising spheres new or growing cyber security startups are involved in include supply chain security, fast and effective automated incident response and robust cloud security. See some examples of top cyber security startups.

Orca Security. Its main focus is cloud infrastructure security. This young startup already shows high results in performance and usage. 

Lacework. It is a cloud security services provider specialized in automation whose current value has risen to $8.3 billion.

Snyk. It specializes in analytical tools oriented on open source vulnerabilities. Founded in 2015, its steady growth turned sharp over the last few quarters, with 2+ million developers using it currently.

Darktrace. It represents a successful ML-based cyber threat defence system.

In Conclusion

All new and growing cyber security startups cover different issues that arose primarily with the remote work increase after the pandemic. Now, you may find a startup for any field, starting from email security to multifunctional automated incident response. Each of them tries to tackle evolving threats businesses face. Your task is to identify the weak spots and find the right up-to-date solutions.

If you struggle to analyze your business’s cyber security architecture, reach out to our trusted team of qualified experts. We deliver top-notch consulting services, and you can decide how much you want to be involved in dealing with cyber security issues - from ordering one-time service to its entire delegation to our experts. Anyway, we try our best to keep more businesses cyber safe. Mind your cyber security to contribute to the world’s cyber safety.



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